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Fitness Centers in Bartlesville | The Only Thing Missing Is You

content written for Colaw Fitness

It is always exciting to shop online. It is exciting to us that you found Colaw Fitness in your search for fitness centers in Bartlesville. So often you scroll away the hours with anticipation and pursuit. Now and then you may pause, click a few times, and await some marvelous device to grace your front door. Fitness is a bit more difficult to deliver. We can tell you all about us in print, on a website, with illustrations, but you keep looking. Call us right now at 918-766-3353 and hear why we miss you.

Hear the excitement in our voice as we tell you about everything we have to offer you, your family, and your friends. Drive on over to our facility and let us give you a tour. Our staff is so excited to share the vast array of benefits with you. We have people from all stages and walks of life inside every location. There is someone that can relate to you and there is always someone that wants you to have the best day possible. From a quick touch up tan, to a full body massage, working out is just one of the thousands of options.

Fitness. Merriam-Webster explains clinically that this is that state of being physically fit and healthy. “Disease and lack of fitness are closely related”, it continues. You can also be fit to fulfill a role, task, or survive in a particular environment. So sanitized to a narrow hallway. You know that isn’t what fitness means to you. Exactly, whatever “fitness” means to you is exactly what Colaw Fitness has. Great how that works, right? We don’t, for an instant, believe one video will help a million people do something in a prescribed manner and they will all be amazingly satisfied with it. We are individuals.

That means we translate the world individually. When scrolling through the fitness centers in Bartlesville, you surely have fitness on your mind in one form or another. One person’s quest for less doctor appointments can’t compare with anothers’ hectic schedule of 6 kids and 4 dogs. It is still a pursuit of fitness. The definition can change for the same person from minute to minute. If you have ever been in a car accident, you realize that the minute before fitness meant doing your laundry and not running out of breath… then, BANG, suddenly fitness is a struggle to preserve your life..Though, hopefully, much more subtly, every day brings forth new challenges.

We have something for the fitness of everyone. No matter the age, size, past or destination you have, of all the fitness centers in Bartlesville, we have more. More to love and more to live your best fitness. Fitness of mind in knowing you did everything you could for yourself that day. The fItness of body in keeping a healthy heart and body. FItness of finances in knowing you won’t have to get a new credit card to afford it all. For the same price as a juicy, thick burger, you can have an entire month of fitness. We don’t want you to miss a meal to pay for it though!

We give you a free meal every month at our party to celebrate your fitness. It isn’t just for members, it is for everyone. If you have never been in a gym, this is the day to come. When you call or come in for a tour, don’t forget to ask what day we celebrate. We team up with local restaurants and serve up everything from smoothies to wraps and even pizza. Fitness includes feeding your mouth and not just your body all the time. Eating some great food you wouldn’t normally try is also an opportunity to work on your community fitness.

Way back in the 20th century, the Colaw family knew the secrets of the pros and how to pinpoint train for a body rippled with muscles. Then they translated that into reality for everyone. They staff each facility with people that specialize in fitness. Various training levels are available for everyone. Some of our members just want a smile, a hug, or maybe a water refilled for them. No needs are too little or too great. Fitness is an all encompassing term for us, as it should be for you. People can be turned off by the stereo-types of being “pumped up” and really skinny. If that is not the fitness you want, you will never find it here.

Fitness centers in Bartlesville are all filled with about the same thing though, right? Take a tour and see for yourself. We don’t want to impress you, sell you, force you into our body building cult of brain washed eternal joy. We want to share our love with you. Our love and passion for all that Colaw Fitness was, has been, and will be. We are filled with hope for you and your fitness. We have hundreds of success stories from our members and guests. Perhaps you read a few of those somewhere. Come take a tour and even interact with some members and ask them why they come back year after year.

Are you debating fitness centers in Bartlesville with your bestie? Bring them to Colaw FItness. In fact, you can bring a different guest with you everyday you work out. Many of our members are former guests. If you know someone that is a member, just ask to be their guest for a few times and decide for yourself. In no time at all, this will be your greatest asset in the many pursuits of fitness.

Go to another center with your friends and see what they have. We welcome the research, but would rather you save those precious moments and come see us. Get started right away! Call us now and set up a time to talk to a trainer, manager, or just a great listener. Our phones are answered every minute of the day at 918-766-3353. Outside of normal business hours, there is voicemail and messages are returned the following business day. We welcome you, your friends and family, and all of your fitness goals.