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Fitness Centers in Topeka | Make Time For Yourself

Content written for Colaw Fitness

Thank you for stopping by the Colaw Fitness website. At Colaw Fitness we understand that there are choices for fitness centers in Topeka. We truly understand that you have years of reasons for not being a gym member right now. Give us a call right now at 785-409-8823. For every reason you have for not going to a gym, we have all the solutions you need to get healthy and fit for life. Above all we want you to know that you are worth it. This isn’t just our motto, it’s our belief.

In the first place, we know that most people simply say they no longer have time to work out. The world is busier than ever with more demands than any time before us. So then you get busy with the kids in the jobs and the relationships of those you love and forget to take care of yourself. As a result, your health suffers. The secrets to a longer life are diet and exercise. Subsequently, you know that if you don’t take care of yourself, you will not be able to take care of anyone else. Therefore, we urge you to take a little time now to add a lot of quality and time to your life later.

Another reason people don’t join a gym is they just don’t think there are affordable all-inclusive options in fitness in the 21st century. Colaw Fitness, more than any of the fitness centers in Topeka, shows you in so many ways that money is not our main focus. Our memberships start as low as five dollars per month. Furthermore, you can always bring someone with you at no additional charge. Your guest has access to the same amenities as you while you are there.

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In the meantime, we also have a staff member available for you tour and speak with 24 hours per day. So without commitment obligation, please stop by, take a tour and learn more. You have questions about fitness or your work out and we have free trainer instruction included with your membership.

When considering your options in fitness centers in Topeka there are many things you should research. There are also many fears. If you have never been inside of a fitness center in your entire life then you are overwhelmed with movie stereotypes. We are not like any fitness center you’ve ever seen portrayed in any movie or television episode.

In the first place, Colaw Fitness staff members are excited to see you, establish rapport, and share the love of all that is contained within. We greet you with a smile and we eagerly await any inquiries you have. Our staff cleans everything around the clock for your safety and health. We disinfect our equipment constantly. We strive to keep your surroundings for your comfortable and disease free. There are also cleaning stations available throughout our facilities for you to wipe down your equipment after each use.

Secondly, the thing that makes us different from all other fitness centers in Topeka is our mission to love on everybody and share the good news. Our Christian environment and Christian faith-based motivational music are just a small part Of the complete Colaw Fitness all inclusive package.

Everything is included so you will include yourself!

Finally, a lot of people are frankly just intimidated by their lack of fitness within themselves. We often worry and compare ourselves to others. Many people just want no part of the locker room experience under any circumstance. Great news and have no fears because we have no locker rooms. Private showers are available for you to relax in comfort. People of all ages shapes sizes and favorite physical fitness preferences can be found at Colaw Fitness.

Must be 12 to access facility with adult supervision.

Therefore, we believe that when it comes to fitness centers in Topeka you have only one real choice. There is only one choice with such a great value. There is only one choice for the most fitness options in one place. So when you wonder day after day if you should reclaim your health through fitness, there is only one choice.

Finally, while you have a moment, please take a few minutes and check our great video content. We have member testimonials and motivational content to help you make up your mind when checking out all of the fitness centers in Topeka. You can look through our photos from our great member appreciation night parties. Member appreciation night is the one night a month where we give you free food. Stop in your nearest location and ask our staff members for what day and times this will be taking place.

Please Keep in Mind Your Colaw Fitness Membership Includes tanning, trainer consultation, massages, private showers, lockers, and more fitness equipment than you would ever need in a lifetime. For example, we have a row after row of cardio fitness equipment. We also have large yoga and specialty training areas. We have mats, bands, kettlebells, medicine balls, free weights and so much more. We’ve got equipment for circuit training and HIIT training. We have free Wi-Fi available so you can look up your favorite videos and use our equipment while getting healthy and fit.

Again we express our gratitude that you are considering us while researching fitness centers in Topeka. Please call us anytime at 785-409-8823 and leave a message. Voicemails are returned the following business day when left after regular business hours. However, any of our highly enthusiastic and well-trained staff members in any Colaw fitness facility can help you around the clock.