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Fitness Clubs in Oklahoma City | Total Wellness

This content was created for Colaw Fitness.

Are you searching for fitness clubs in Oklahoma City and what to know what sets Colaw Fitness apart from the others? Great! Then keep on reading because we are going to tell you what we love about our fitness clubs in Oklahoma City as well as four other locations. In this article, we will touch on topics such as total wellness, positive atmosphere, reasonable rates, impacting others, and member benefits. Furthermore, if you have any additional questions, please feel welcome to call our Oklahoma City fitness club at 405-838-1644.

Are you to a point that you are ready to not just get physically fit but you also desire mental fitness? We totally get that. In fact, a quick google search will pop up all kinds of information about the links between physical activity and mental wellness. Total wellness does not just stop with physical activity at the gym. It also includes caring for yourself mentally. Additionally, many researchers will tell you that your belief system will have a direct impact on your mental health. At Colaw Fitness, we like for both to blend. We want our fitness clubs to display the love of Jesus while simultaneously helping our members and guests reach physical fitness as well. There are several ways that we like to do this.

At Colaw Fitness, we strive to have a positive atmosphere that glorifies God. We want our members and guests to feel welcomed into a positive environment and to know God. At Colaw Fitness, we stream Christian music at all five locations. Furthermore, we have positive words and phrases displayed throughout all five fitness clubs too. We hope when you visit Colaw Fitness, that you have a positive experience and feel like your mental cup is full to the brim with peace.

Fitness Clubs in Oklahoma City

Another example of how we are striving to glorify God is through the first dollar of your membership. This first dollar of the membership is donated to help build water wells in Africa. Isn’t that great knowing that your gym membership benefits many people as well as the physical and mental benefit for you too?

Furthermore, you can impact others by bringing a friend for free any time and as frequently as you would like, too. That’s right, Colaw Fitness members can bring a guest for free no matter which membership package they choose. All Colaw Fitness memberships are all inclusive. Additionally, guests can access the same things as the members can. Therefore, these guests can tan, get massages, workout, take the classes, and more without any extra charges. Talk about blessing a friend. In fact, if our reward members bring a friend, that would be only five dollars per month for two people. Sounds crazy awesome doesn’t it?

Next, let’s talk about the membership rates at Colaw Fitness, one of the best fitness clubs in Oklahoma City. Colaw Fitness membership rates are as low as five dollars per month and only one dollar down. This membership is known as the reward membership. Reward members attend our fitness centers at least twelve days per month or more in order to achieve this lowest possible membership rate. That averages to only be about three days per week.

Doesn’t that sound very reasonable? As we previously stated, all Colaw Fitness memberships are all inclusive too. That means regardless of the rate you pay, you get the same access as all other members. If a reward member is unable to attend at least twelve days per month or more, then they pay an only slightly higher rate for that month. Then the next month, the check in count starts over to give a fresh opportunity to achieve the lowest possible monthly rate.

Now, let’s talk about what kind of workout equipment you can expect to find at Colaw Fitness, one of the best fitness clubs in Oklahoma City. Colaw Fitness offers a wide variety of workout equipment such as cardio, resistance machines, and free weights. Our cardio equipment includes ellipticals, treadmills, rowing machines, and a variety of bikes too. Resistance machines are great for full body workouts. Our resistance machines have helpful infographics to remind people what area of the body the machine is targeting. Furthermore, Colaw Fitness offers two types of free orientations. One orientation for the cardio equipment and the other for the resistance machines. All members and their guests can attend these orientations. Simply sign up for whichever orientation you would like, at the front desk of any of our fitness clubs.

Colaw Fitness has five fitness clubs across four states with plans to continue expanding too. You can find a Colaw Fitness club in Arlington, Texas, Joplin, Missouri, Topeka, Kansas, and Bartlesville and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. All five locations have twenty four hour access. However, each location has a slightly different setup than the others. If you plan to visit any of our other locations. Feel welcome to call ahead with any questions about that location’s setup. For example, Arlington and Oklahoma City have locker rooms with showers, bathrooms, and lockers. Whereas, Topeka and Joplin have private bathrooms and Bartlesville has dressing rooms.

Lastly, other member benefits include tanning and massage. Similarly, our tanning and massage units are available around the clock and do not require any appointments. We have stand up tanning units and lay down tanning beds. Additionally, all five Colaw Fitness clubs keep tanning lotions and tanning goggles available to purchase at the front desk. Massage chairs and loungers are also available for member and guest use too.

In conclusion, Colaw Fitness is one of the best fitness clubs in Oklahoma City with such an incredibly low rate. Our memberships are as little as five dollars per month and only one dollar down. These memberships are all inclusive. All Colaw Fitness members have twenty four hour access to workout equipment, tanning, massage, and more. Come visit us today for a tour or give us a call at 405-838-1644 with any further questions.