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Fitness Clubs OKC|Get Strong at Colaw Fitness

This content was written for Colaw Fitness.

Have you been wondering about the Fitness Clubs OKC? Have you been wondering what gym you should be checking out? I bet you didn’t know it but you can get great results at Colaw Fitness. Colaw Fitness can help you hit your goals, has a supportive atmosphere, great membership rates, free tanning, free massage and you can bring a friend for free. You can also use their CF-30 program which is a diet and workout program. You can also check out their free trainer classes. Colaw Fitness is one of the best Fitness Clubs in OKC. If you have any questions give them a call at 918-331-0404.

First, let’s talk about how you can get great results at Colaw Fitness. If your desire to get strong is to get strong then it’s the right place for you. At Colaw Fitness you can utilize their cardio machines as well as their weight training machines. Colaw Fitness has treadmills, elliptical, stair climbed, bike and rowers. Cardio is a perfect way to help you burn calories and lose weight. Colaw Fitness also has great weight training equipment. They have Matrix machines, squat racks, dumbbells, medicine balls and kettlebells. Colaw Fitness also has a variety of other machines that will help you get strong and see results. Just another one of the reasons that Colaw Fitness is one of the best Fitness Clubs in OKC.

Furthermore, Colaw Fitness has an encouraging and supportive atmosphere. Colaw fitness plays positive, encouraging, Christian music. They also have a phenomenal staff. The staff is always smiling and ready to help you with anything you need. You will also often see staff cleaning and wiping down machines. If you have any questions just ask a staff member at the front desk. They are also able to help you with the CF-30 program or any orientation class you’re interested in. You’re also able to buy apparel, water and Reigns at the front desk.

Fitness Clubs in OKC

Next, let’s talk about member rates. Colaw Fitness has two great membership options for you to choose from. First is the $5 a month reward membership. Memberships starts at $20 a month but drops down to $5 a month if you frequent the gym twelve days or more in a month. It has a $1 start payment and a $39 annual price rate guarantee. This guarantees your monthly payment never goes, it’s billed 30 days from your start and on the same date every year after that. Colaw Fitness also offers a $10 a month flat rate membership. This membership doesn’t have any stipulations on how often you visit the gym.

It has that same $39 annual price rate guarantee and a $39 startup. That $39 annual price rate guarantee will be billed 60 days from your start and on the same date every year after that. Both of these memberships have a 30-day money-back guarantee. All Colaw Fitness memberships have a commitment of 12 monthly payments. Just another reason why Colaw Fitness is one of the best fitness clubs in OKC.

In addition to great rates, Colaw Fitness offers free tanning and its unlimited. Colaw Fitness has lie down beds and stand up beds so that you can get the best tan and use the beds that are your favorite. Tanning at Colaw Fitness is great for your schedule too because you don’t have to make an appointment. You can come into Colaw Fitness at any time and tan. No matter your schedule you can find a time to tan during a time that is best for you. Need to tan on your lunch, no problem. Prefer to tan in the morning, you can do that too. Want to come in the evening, that’s great too. Not only can you tan, but you can also bring a free friend to tan as well.

Speaking of free friends. At Colaw Fitness you can bring a friend for free everyday. Your free guest can tan and massage with you as well. Having a free friend comes is great because it adds extra encouragement and support. Remember when you bring your free friend into Colaw Fitness for the first time, they will need to sign a guest waiver. Simply let the front desk associate know you have brought in a guest and they will get you all set up. Your free friend will need to bring an ID for their first visit and they will need to have their picture taken as well. Free friends make Colaw Fitness one of the best fitness clubs in OKC.

Moreover, as I mentioned above, your free friend gets to massage for free as well. How great is that! I don’t know of any other gyms that are all inclusive and that include bringing a friend for free. You and your guest can get a massage together and you can workout together too. One of the great things about the massage bays is that there are two chairs to each bay, that way you and your friend can sit together. The two of you can chat and relax or watch a show together.

Of course, I can’t forget to mention the CF-30 program. The CF-30 program is a diet and workout program that guarantees you can lose up to 10 to 30 pounds of body fat in 30 days. The nutrition portion of the CF-30 programs outlines what you’ll be eating and when to eat. It includes things like vegetables, lean meats, and healthy fats. It even includes a sample meal plan to follow. The workout portion of the programs outlines workouts for your upper body, lower body, core and cardio. You’ll know exactly what machines to use as well as how many sets and reps to complete. The combination of cardio and strength training is perfect for helping you to lose weight and sculpt your body.

In addition to the CF-30 program you can attend a free trainer class. The free trainer classes are perfect for helping you get comfortable in the gym as well as learn the machines. Depending on which class you choose you will go over upper body, lower body, core, and the CF-30 program. In these free trainer classes you are able to learn how to use the machines and exercises that go along with the CF-30 program. Colaw Fitness offers many great things, no wonder it’s one of the best fitness clubs in OKC.

In Conclusion, Colaw Fitness is a great place to get strong and healthy. Colaw Fitness has great low rates, a supportive atmosphere, lots of cardio equipment, as well as weight training equipment. You can attend one of the free trainer classes and take advantage of the CF-30 program. And don’t forget you get free tanning, free massage and can bring a friend for free. If you have any questions give Colaw Fitness a call today 918-331-0404.