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.Fitness Joplin | Helping you reach new heights

Content written for Colaw Fitness.

Joplin fitness has been reaching new heights ever since Colaw Fitness moved into town! This one of a kind luxury gym is everything you’ve been waiting for. Having a membership here has the potential to change your life! Between the work out equipment, massage beds, free training, and more, it has anything you could ever need in a gym. Additionally, when you are a member at Colaw Fitness you can expect nothing but the highest quality in every aspect of the company. Drop in or call 417-437-9345 to find out everything we have to offer and get a membership today!

One thing that sets Colaw Fitness apart from all the rest are the private showers and restrooms. Here, you have your own space for cleaning up after your workout. You can have peace of mind in our Joplin fitness center because your personal space is not shared. Each room has plenty of space for you to get ready in. Additionally, there are private lockers close by to keep your belongings safe. Safety and security are a priority at Colaw Fitness which is why we provide these amenities for all members and guests.

In addition, the positive and uplifting atmosphere is unmatched. You can find great community here as a member because everyone genuinely cares about everyone who walks through the front doors. There will always be someone to greet you when you walk in and encourage you on your spiritual and fitness journey. We are the highest reviewed gym on Google and if you look at our video testimonials online, they will tell you the same thing. This is a place you will look forward to coming to every day and will make your work out that much better! Forgetting your headphones will not be a problem because the music played throughout Colaw Fitness Joplin fitness only contributes to the great environment!

Fitness Joplin

Therefore, Colaw Fitness is also open and staffed 24/7. Every member receives a key to the gym when they sign up so they can come and go as they please. However, if you forget your key, bring a guest for the first time, or need to sign up for a membership someone will be there to help you! Any time is a good time to work out, tan, get a massage, or update your billing when staff is there at all times of the day and night.

Consequently, the Colaw Fitness Joplin fitness center is made just for workout beginners. All of the fitness equipment is new, kept in great condition, and easy to use. Even if you have never worked out a day in your life. Also, there are orientations offered that are free with your membership and walk you through how to use the machines in a safe and productive way so you get the most out of your workout. You can even bring a friend for free! That way you either have someone familiar to show you the ropes or another newbie who can learn right alongside you.

At Colaw Fitness, we have a no gym jerk policy. To make everyone else in the joplin fitness feel more comfortable being there. Gyms can be intimidating for everyone especially for people who have never been to a gym before so the no gym jerk policy helps eliminate any unnecessary discomfort. A gym jerk is someone who drops weights, makes loud noises, has a show off attitude, and disturbs others. Working out is much easier without distractions or judgement from others. This behavior is not tolerated at Colaw Fitness and consequently contributes to the positive and encouraging atmosphere.

There is no other gym you can both workout and tan at for the low price that Colaw Fitness offers. The tanning beds are in pristine condition so you can keep your summer tan year round! Choose from lay down or stand up beds with private changing rooms. Tanning accessories such as goggles or tanning lotion are available at the front desk if you forgot yours or need to restock. No need to have two separate memberships at joplin fitness and tanning salon when you can have both in one! In addition for an affordable price at that!

Additionally, the staff adds greatly to the positive and encouraging environment at the best joplin fitness center. They work hard around the clock to keep members happy and satisfied. Staff is always excited to see you or hear from you. They are not only the reason for the environment being as stellar as it is. But also for keeping the gym running smoothly and staying as clean as it is. They hold themselves to a high standard and want nothing but the best for all of our members. And their guests. Front desk staff and the customer service department will always be happy to help. With whatever you need so do not hesitate to ask!

Lastly, member appreciation night is how Colaw Fitness gives back to their members. And can show how thankful they are for you. There is free pizza for everyone and free water bottle or drawstring bag for anyone who leaves a review on why they love Colaw Fitness. There are always special deals when you sign up for a membership on this night. However, if you already have a membership you can still win one year free. When you get three friends to sign up for memberships on this night! It is the first monday night of every month so make sure you are there!

Colaw Fitness is the highest rated Joplin fitness center for a reason. And we cannot wait for you to find out why if you do not already know! Stop in today or call 417-437-9345 to get more information or sign up for your own membership! There are no upsales or contracts involved so what are you waiting for? Our staff is ready and waiting to meet you. And help get your fitness journey started off on the right foot.