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Fitness Joplin | How did Cheryl lose 33 lbs? | Colaw Fitness Review

Hey we are Charles and Amber Colaw. We’re here with the win of the week. So our win of the week this week is Cheryl. She’s lost 33 pounds,
33 lbs, congratulations Cheryl.

We are super excited for you. Uh, we know that that was a lot of hard work and we’re really proud of you. And so stay tuned to watch Cheryl’s testimonial video and learned how she did it too. So Charles, and to share the fitness tip.

Okay. The fitness Joplin tip of the week of our fitness tip is basically keep it simple, keep it, keep your, your workout program and diet program. Keep it simple and same so that it’s simple and same. So keep your weights simple, and same. Keep your cardio the simple and same. Keep your um, uh, uh, food. Simple and same why, why, why do you want to? Cause everybody’s about you. Gotta change it up. You’re going to change up everything. Every, I’ve got to change my fitness, got change, change my diet, change I’ve, I was going to change to a new thing.

Here’s the deal. Like I have trained over 5,000 clients, five zero zero zero clients, zero oh how many but a bunch. But the whole thing is is the ones that are keep everything simple, their workout programs that brought in their diet simple and they’re just consistent. They’re all the ones that look the best all the time.

Year round to keep their diet, really clean and simple to keep their workout. Very consistent. Basic exercises, same exercises over and over. For example, I’ve been bodybuilding and off season has been as much as 30% body fat and in season as low as like 3% body fat. And the only thing that changes is my diet and maybe a little bit of cardio. All the exercises and all the workouts are all the same stuff and so everybody thinks they’ve got to switch everything up, change everything up.

But the superpower is consistency and consistency. Consistently doing the same thing over and over and a lot of people might change it up. They got to have some new fad diet and new fad workout program. What I always tell people is keep it simple and keep it the same. Just make sure the biggest part is the food. Keep a food very, very clean and stick to the plan.

Don’t change the plan. And most people need a mind freeing one sheet, like a, like something that clears all their mind, tells them exactly what to eat, what time to eat, how much water to drink, what to be taking to reach their goals. And then what kind of workouts to follow. We give you that for free at Colaw Fitness Joplin with a free nutrition plan, a free workout programs and our CF thirty. Colaw Fitness Joplin, 30 day diet and workout program. It’s completely free because free is better. And we give you the mind freeing one sheet to keep. It’s the simple and the same. So, um, simple and the same. That’s the a fitness tip for the week. Amber, give us a motivational quote.

Okay. We love motivation and uh, we have quotes all over. So here’s one of our favorites. The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results. Just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat. It’s by Napoleon Hill. So desire, the keyword is desire because that is very important.

Yes. And uh, so the desire, you’ve got to want it so bad. And we’re going to give you the mindframe idiot proof, one sheets on the food and the workouts in the free CF 30 diet and workout program. So that action step, the action step is to come in and sign up for $1 down as low as $5 a month. And you could try everything out for 30 days of the fitness. The tanning and the massage, the free trainer instruction. Free nutrition instruction, the CF 30 plan because it is all inclusive.

Joplin Gyms Treadmills Hero

All of the mind frame one sheets, right? All the mind. What’s your end for fluidity for $1 down. Yeah. And a $5 a month. If you don’t like it, you can cancel and get your $1 back within the first 30 days. So there’s no risk. You can try it out and get a great shape and there’s zero risk. So come check it out and get into the free CF 30 nutrition and workout program. So watch this video and see how Cheryl’s lost 33 pounds. Woo.

Hi Cheryl. [inaudible]. Everybody’s so nice and friendly and I was kind of self conscious. Always have fear. I was self conscious about coming, but nobody paid attention to go when I weighed 200 and now I weight. I wait for my back problems and I can come here. You guys today I’m 57 years old and I don’t feel bad. Nobody makes you feel like this because they care.