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Fitness Joplin | To Every Thing There Is A Season

ontent written for Colaw Fitness

Ecclesiastes 3 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Maybe you know this passage, but perhaps you know these as lyrics from the 1960s. Regardless of how you found it, you know it to be the truth. Is it your season to find a reason? Fitting into a June bride dress or just as a guest or party member? Proms? Dates? Children? Grandchildren? Recent health scare? PT for injuries old or new? Everyone has seasons and reasons. Our reasons are all about the body, mind and spirit health of our members and guests. We also care about their families and lives because they are worth it. Colaw Fitness Joplin can never be called Just A Gym. In fact, you can even CALL US and you’ll hear the passion conveyed that websites do not achieve. 417-437-9345

Spring is coming. Every year after year the same. Time to work off those holiday pounds. It all begins in October with truly TONS of and billions of dollars worth of sweet treats in fun sizes to eat. Anything named fun cannot be bad for you? November is the massive season opener to 5 fun filled weeks of carbs, leftovers, parties and tons of guilt. January the guilt makes faces at you every time it peers above your toes on the scale. It is perfectly OK though because…. SPRING is coming! Renewal. Rebirth. Reunion. Hope. So, work off that despair because when it is over it only means one thing. Fitness Joplin and….

“Summer is coming.” Even if you’re reading this in July. That phrase has haunted people their entire lives. Swimsuit shopping was once a terrifying prospect for nearly everyone. It may still be for you or someone you love. Maybe you have a perfect swimsuit body, but you have a friend or relative that wants to build their strength to fight osteoporosis. Join as a member today of Colaw Fitness, you can bring them along as your guest.

Maybe your mother wants to walk 10,000 steps a day because she saw it on TV. Bring her in and get her a membership and you can come with her if it’s convenient for you, as her guest. The gift of fitness does not require a special holiday, only the motivation to take the first step. Let the best gym interested in you and your friends and family no matter the level from beginner to guru.

Colaw Fitness Joplin Cardio Colaw Fitness Joplin Free Weights

Maybe all those long sun days activities have your muscles aching? Drop by a quick massage to invigorate you all the way to your second wind. Maybe you have a special day coming up, but you’ve neglected your outdoor tanning activities. Come in and get some great tanning products to use in our own beds. We offer stand up and lay down varieties because options. With constant staff available to explain their operation, tanning guidelines and safety equipment. No one under 18 is allowed to tan and it is posted in each room for your security.

Sometimes too much time together can be too much. Come into a facility and take a private shower, tan and massage and relax back to your loving self. We have all wanted to just escape from a situation and wish we had an oasis nearby. Colaw Fitness is that and so much more. Seldom does a day go by that you won’t see people hugging each other. We support our members and staff like family and they relate to us this way often. The last thing any of us care to be involved with is a cold, dirty, impersonal work out experience. There are many places like that available though, if that makes you feel more safe and comfortable.

Fall is coming. Life is busy with back to school because. Schedules are busier than ever. Time moves quickly with seldom a second to waste. With three short 30 minute visits a week, you could achieve amazing results. You just get in and get to work AND get a great value. About the price of any 1000 coffee indulgence for an entire month of sanctuary. Take some time for you. Bring a friend and catch up while getting a massage or going for a bicycle ride. If you don’t take care of you then you won’t be able to take care of anyone else. As schedules get leveled out then bring the kids in, so they get the sleep they need for growing minds. Activities are well-known to keep chilren focused and out of temptations. Bring them with you to Fitness Joplin from anywhere in the area.

Winter is coming. Sometimes elderly, damaged, or scarred areas of our bodies can become more inflamed. Physiological science shows us that movement can assist us with these common ailments. As the barometric pressure rises, the pressure within our bodies is also felt. You can counteract some of the discomfort by getting your body in motion. Many doctors are also now describing tanning therapy with fibromyalgia and arthritic pain. The warmth often counteracts the pain felt. While they do not neglect to warn of proper skin conditioners and protectants. They are eager to share the benefits of the endorphins your skin releases. Endorphins have long been known to be a benefit of exercise as well.

Not that it snows much quantity in our area, heart attacks happen most during snow shoveling season. Keeping the heart fit benefits mortality and stamina. It’s much more difficult to breathe frozen air and having your lung and heart at peak performance are great survival skills. Proper diet in the winter is also of ultimate performance. Our bodies instinctively eat more and move less because. It takes real motivation and effort and great habits to overcome this. Don’t even begin to mention the things we are eating from candy holiday Halloween to candy holiday conclusion Valentine’s Day. With a splash at Easter, just in time for your carb detox to have kicked in. Skipping to Food Fest Memorial Day and American Required Carb Day July 4th.

The temptation never ends. That’s why Fitness Joplin is where you need to be with us. We welcome suggestions and utilize them much to the benefit of our members and staff. Feel free to reach us anytime at 417-437-9345