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Fitness Tips | How to find daily motivation? | Colaw Fitness Podcast

Hey, this is Charles and Amber Colaw. Today we’re going to talk to you about the win of the week and also a notable quotable. Lauren has lost 55 pounds. Yeah.


Way to go congratulations. And, uh, we want to also talk about a notable quotable. And Amber has a notable quotable. Yes. The notable quotable for this week is Proverbs 16:3, commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. So no matter what you do, do it with purpose and do it with passion. Work like it depends on you and pray like it depends on God and everything will work out. See what happens. God will do big things in your life. So have a blessed week. Thank you. It’s Charles and Amber Colaw.

My name is Lauren. I like that I can come in whenever I want and that there are a wide variety of things that I can do while I’m here. It’s very relaxing and calmed, and I don’t feel like anybody is staring at me. Just very inviting because they are friednly. Non-members are missing out on the opportunity to get healthy and do better for themselves. In the past 5 months I have lost 55 lbs and gained strength that I didn’t think I could.

Hey, this is Charles and Amber Colaw with fitness tips. Today we’re going to give you a fitness tips. Amber, give us a fitness tips.
Well, everybody’s always asking us, how do you find daily motivation? So I’m gonna start out with a quote. Mel Robbins, one of my favorite authors says, motivation is garbage. Why is motivation garbage?

Because you can’t wait around for your emotions to align, to go workout. Yeah, yeah. To get started. And so the big thing is, is like with Nike slogan, just do it. When you just do it, then your motivation follows. And so for me, like I’ve worked out for many, many, many years and train lots of clients. I have to just tell myself, get up, get going. And then after I get started working out, my motivation picks up. So it’s always action over emotion. So remember that, take action first, then your emotions will align. And that’s the fitness tip from Charles and Amber Colaw. Have a blessed week. We’ll see you next week.