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Fitnes Topeka | Benefits of strength training | Colaw Fitness Podcast #180

Hey, Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week. This guy’s got some great knowledge. Tell us, um, some of the benefits of strength training
And if it’s a strength, right? Well, number one, it builds muscle mass building muscle mass makes you have a more shapely toned looking physique. So your skin or your clothes, hang on a more fit looking type physique.

So that’s, uh, a good thing. Um, number two, it helps with your strength. You’re actually stronger and more functional. It really helps with a lot of things like balance coordination, especially as you get older, it’s super important to have really good balance and coordination. Strength helps stabilize things. So that’s a super huge benefit.

Another great benefit is like FARs and weight management. The more muscle mass you have, your metabolism is actually higher. She actually get away with more calories. And if you, if you’re whatever size you are, the more that it’s a lean muscle tone, physique, you metabolize calories better. You look better, you function better, your coordination’s better.

So there’s so many benefits. So like lifting weights or doing push-ups, that type of stuff is strength training. You’re strengthening the body, the muscles, also the bones, the bones get more dense. They get stronger. It’s really good for older adults for, as in falls and breaks, things like that.

Um, a lot of times when you’re walking or you’re in the house, like a lot of older clients, when they fall, it’s actually because their hip breaks and then they fall, they think the fall broke their hip, but it’s really the hip actually breaks as they’re walking. Cause it’s so fragile and then they fall.

So, but weight training is super beneficial for elderly, especially, um, and even young like athletes and young people that want to look fit and toned, but there’s so many great benefits to strength training.

Um, so you know, it’s come check out Colaw Fitness. We hear those, uh, tons of different stuff to use free trainers, um, to be able to show you around how to do stuff. So anyways, that’s the fitness tip. Great tips. Thank you, Amber. And thank you guys. We’ll see you guys next week. Bye-bye bye-bye [inaudible].

fitness Topeka

fitness Topeka