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Fitness Topeka | Come check out the excitement of the new year at Colaw Fitness

This article was written for Colaw Fitness

The year 2019 is over and 2020 has already begun, and it’s time to kick your resolution into high gear. There are a lot of exciting things have been at Colaw fitness Topeka, so come join the fun and the excitement. We are ready for you, and ready to help you start on your New Year’s resolution fitness and health goals. We have everything you will ever need and so much more when it comes to your New Year’s resolution goals. Colaw has tons of equipment and loads of benefits that will help you along the way, so check us out.

At Colaw fitness Topeka, we have loads of equipment that are perfect no matter what your health and fitness goals. If you don’t like to lift weights and just want to work on your heart, we have tons of cardio. We have the best cardio machines in Topeka, which range from ellipticals, bikes, treadmills, climbers, and even some row machines. No matter which one you choose, you are going to get your heart rate up and feel healthier every day. Cardio is a great way to get your heart into shape and help you lose weight for the new year.

Another great benefit we offer at Colaw fitness Topeka, is our wide variety of exercise equipment for those lifting weights. We have matrix machines which are awesome, and even help you count your reps and time when you’re using them. They will work out just about any body part you have, and they will help you start working out. Our machines will help you use correct form and even give you a little assistance when you’re lifting the new weights. They are perfect for toning up and getting yourself into shape, especially if you’re a beginner and just getting started.

Fitness Topeka

We have tons of other equipment at Colaw fitness Topeka, which include cable machines as well as many free weights. Our cable machine area is located in our gym, and it does everything that you can imagine for lifting weights. We even have an accessory rack which has many different attachments for our cable machines, so you get different workouts. It’s you can get a total body workout every single day and stay in one spot in the entire gym here. Not only do we have a lot to choose from, but they are also very convenient and plenty of them.

Many of our members at Colaw fitness Topeka love the fact that they have free weights to choose from here. We have a couple of sets of dumbbells, which are excellent for a total body workout that includes your core. Our dumbbells are a great way to get into shape, especially if you’re bulking up and even toning up also. You won’t believe the selection that we have for you, and we have plenty of it so hurry on by. You are going to love your choices at Colaw fitness Topeka, so come check us out today to get started.

Another great benefit that we offer all of our members and guests, is that we offer no locker rooms here. We know locker rooms can be extremely awkward and extremely uncomfortable for some people, so there’s no worries about that. We do provide lockers for you to use when you visit, so you can still lock up your personal belongings. However, at Colaw fitness Topeka, we offer private restrooms and private showers for our members and for all their guests. You don’t have to worry about locker rooms, and you can enjoy your privacy when you wanted the most.

This is just another way that we provide a better fitness experience at Colaw fitness Topeka, so check us out. Another great way we provide a better experience is with our cheap rates that we offer to all our members. We even offer you the chance to pay a discount every single month for your membership when you use it. All you need to do is show up on average at least three days a week or 12 days monthly. If you can commit to this, you will not pay more than five dollars a month for your gym membership.

Not only is this great motivation to get yourself into the gym every day, but you save money as well! We have other membership options for you as well if you don’t want to worry about visiting us every day. We have a $10 a month flat rate membership at Colaw fitness Topeka, which is always $10 no matter what. There are a lot of our current members who find this very convenient because their super busy schedules they have. You may find this option convenient as well and if so, we encourage you to pick this one option instead.

At Colaw fitness Topeka, we are open and we are always staffed 24 hours a day seven days a week. It doesn’t matter when you can visit us, we always have someone here who is always willing to help you. Getting signed up is really quick and easy and will only take a few minutes of your time at Colaw. Our staff will go over all the options with you and make sure that you understand the whole process clearly. We have no long-term contracts or hidden fees at Colaw fitness, so rest assured you’re getting the best deals.

Bring your guest and come on by to Colaw fitness in Topeka Kansas, because your guest can visit for free. That’s right, you can bring your workout buddy with you every single day and will never charge you for them. Nothing can be better than paying the cheapest rates in town, getting the free benefits, and bringing a free friend. You’ll love the experience that you have at Colaw fitness in Topeka Kansas, so come by and see us today. You’ll love the experience that you have with us, and you’ll agree with our members that were the best here.