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Fitness Topeka | Debbie Lost 19 lbs. at Colaw Fitness

Hey, this is Charles and Amber Colaw today. We’re going to give you the win of the week and we got a special guest on with us. This is Jimmy the the gym snowman, the jacked gym snowman. You can see how he’s got his barbell here and he’s lifting. He’s wishing you guys happy holidays and a Merry Christmas. Yeah, we are too from Colaw Fitness Topeka, but the win of the week is Debbie and Debbie hast lost 19 lbs.

Go Debbie. She has a great testimony. She’s made some great changes in her life. She is a one percenter. She’s making changes, she’s getting in shape and she wants to encourage you guys to make those changes so that you too can get in great shape and really take care of yourself. And Amber is going to give us a notable quotable from an awesome guy. So you go ahead and give us the notable quotable.

yeah, from super awesome guy from pastor Craig Groeschel. He says, the decisions you make today will determine the stories you tell tomorrow. So, so true. And Debbie’s got some awesome notable quotables herself and her testimony, you know about doing what only the 1% of people will do.
So yeah, listen to her testimony. This is the win of the week and Debbie’s in an awesome job. We want you guys to get results like Debbie. So we’ll see you guys have a great week and we’ll see ya. Yup. Bye bye.

Fitness Topeka

Debbie Veit. Uh, Colaw Fitness Topeka is consistent. They are clean. They are um, open 24 hours a day. You can come anytime you want. It’s your own schedule. It’s fun, it’s energetic and they play Christian music, which I absolutely love and it is super motivated. Everything guys. You got to get healthy. You can’t put yourself first and not be working out. Um, I have lost 19.7 pounds. I have lost 4.7 body fat percentage and um, you know, I’m here for me. I’m not here for anybody else. I have accomplished, um, being the best me that I can be.

Uh, I read something one day that says that in order to be the 1%, you’ve got to do what the 99% will not do. And that’s why I’m here. I’m here. For me, it’s my 1% reminds me that I am got to do with 1% will do. And what the 99% weren’t. Most of the time you’ll see me on the elliptical, got a lot of fat to burn. And, um, cardio is my friend right now. Uh, although I work on the machines and, uh, some of the freeways, but I am working on building muscle and losing body fat.