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Content written for Colaw Fitness.

If you are looking for fitness Topeka centers, look no further! Colaw Fitness is the best one in town by far. Call 785-409-8823 to get more information on how you can join today. There is something for everyone here and for an extremely low price you can have access to it all. This gym is especially geared towards first time gym goers. So anyone is welcome here. Between the stellar workout equipment, uplifting atmosphere, and awesome deal you will want to join for sure.

First, the workout equipment is the best fitness Topeka has. It is easy and safe to use. There are diagrams on every piece of equipment that walk you through their use. They are great for someone working out for the first time or someone who goes to the gym daily. There is such a wide variety of work out equipment that you will find what you need. No matter what work out you decide to do, Colaw Fitness provides equipment to match it. It is new and maintenance on the regular to make sure you have the best gym experience possible.

In addition to the great work out equipment, Colaw Fitness Topeka also offers tanning equipment. You can choose between stand up or lay down beds. No need to fret if you forget any of your tanning accessories! Tanning lotion, goggles, and more are available for sale at the front desk. Also, it does not cost any extra to tan in addition to working out. You can get access to both with one membership. This is a perfect way to keep your summer tan year round. There are private changing rooms attached to the tanning beds so there are no awkward locker room situations. If you bring a friend for free they are welcome to use the tanning beds as well!

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Moreover, awkward locker situations are also eliminated because of the private showers and bathrooms. Each shower and bathroom is its own room that is large enough to spread out your belongings and change without feeling cramped. This setup is ideal for everyone who values their space and privacy. You will not be in anyone else’s way either! Everyone gets their own space. Additionally, this allows you to take your time getting ready so you can get a workout in before work or clean up before you go home.

Not only does this fitness Topeka center have amazing work out and tanning equipment but massage beds too! For no extra cost you can enjoy a massage to relax after your workout or just after a long day at work. Choose between traditional massage chairs or the new hydromassage beds. The traditional massage chairs are simple to use and are great for working out tough knots. The hydromassage beds use water technology to relax your whole body. Each massage bed has a remote and personal flat screen TV so you can pick what to watch while you enjoy and relax.

At Colaw Fitness there are two memberships to choose from so you can pick which works you! They both offer the same things so they only difference is in the payments. The most popular for fitness Topeka is the reward plan. For as low as $1 and $5 a month, you can have access to everything Colaw Fitness has to offer including everything mentioned above, bringing a friend for free, and participating in free orientations. With this payment plan, you are rewarded for coming to the gym more often. You get the low price of $5 a month if you come at least 12 times in that month. That is only three times a week!

The other membership we offer for fitness Topeka is the flat rate plan. No matter how often you make it to the gym that month it will always cost $10. This plan is great for people who have a crazy schedule or one that changes all the time. Maybe for people who like to travel too! This gym is all inclusive so this membership gives you access to everything the reward plan does. No matter which one you choose we are happy you are a member!

One thing that no other fitness Topeka center has is the amazing atmosphere that Colaw Fitness has. It is unmatched! There is music playing in the parking lot and throughout the entire gym. The music playing is chosen carefully to cultivate the positive and energetic environment. It always has a great beat too so if you forget your headphones you still have something great to workout to! In addition to the music is the spectacular staff. They are always excited to see you and will great you enthusiastically everytime you walk through the door. Also, there are great videos playing on the tv screens throughout the gym encouraging members in their faith or showing footage of the waterwells your memberships help build.

The last thing that really affects the positive atmosphere is that colaw fitness Topeka does not allow gym jerks. A gym jerk is anyone who makes loud noises, has a show off attitude, drops weights, and disturbs others. Preventing this behavior makes the gym a happier place to be. Especially for new gym goers! Everyone should feel welcomed and comfortable working out in our facility. The gym is a scary enough place as it is for someone who has never been.

Bottom line is that you are always welcome at Colaw Fitness Topeka! There is something here for everyone and that includes you! You can even choose your own membership and switch to the other at any time. Come visit the front desk for a tour or give us a call at 785-409-8823 for more information about what we offer or how to sign up. You will not be able to find a better deal or a better place to get in shape so sign up today! There is no time like the beginning of the year so do not wait any longer!