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Gym Bartlesville OK | Kristie lost 20 lbs | Colaw Fitness

Hey there. This is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw. Today. We’re going to give you a win of the week and the wind of the week was Kristie. Kristie has lost 20 pounds. Yeah so, anyways, we love you Kristie. Thank you for being a great one of the week and a testimony for so many people.

What I love about Kristie, she loves her jam. She loves the atmosphere, but most of all, she gets to bring a friend and she actually is spending time with her brother that’s coming with her and working out. So she gets to spend time with a family member and basically have a social and physical activity, um, uh, environment.

So gym Bartlesville OK is a great option to spend time with your family. If you have a kid or a brother or sister, or you want to spend more time with them, go work out with them. It’s a great opportunity to get healthy and build a better relationship. So I love how all of our memberships have free.

Bring your friend free privileges, and they get to use everything in the gym, the free trainer, the tanning, and the massage, everything that they is even in the place they get to use as well. So that’s all for free. So anyways, thank you. Thank you, Kristie, for being the winner of the week.

And Amber has a notable quotable, and I think this ties right in, I love this. When you value time, you make the most of it. When you respect time, it makes the most of you, but I love how Kristie she values her time with family and working out and she just combines the two together and she’s winning.

She’s winning on many front she’s building relationships, making those stronger, losing weight, getting in better shape. She’s a win-win awesome. Thank you, Kristie. We’ll see you guys next week. This is Charles and Amber Colaw the win of the week. Bye bye.

Kristie Fleeting. It’s the atmosphere. It’s really easy going here. Um, no pressure. Um, there’s advice if you need it. There’s not advice if you don’t want it. So it kind of caters to each individual person. Um, well getting gains, for example, improving their health, improving their fitness.

Um, for me personally, I developed a closer relationship with my family members, but need to work out with them. So people need bonds for the community as well. Um, I just liked that it’s easy going. It’s no pressure. Um, some gems you go to them and it’s a little intimidating.

Um, and you don’t really get your post workout until you’re a little self conscious and there’s not that environment here. I lost 20 pounds. So that is super exciting for me. I’ve learned a lot about my body in general, what is good for my body? What’s not good for my body.

Um, some dietary advice of how do you see equipment was probably the best that I was doing. A lot of things incorrectly. So learning, um, and again, keeping relationships with my brother. That’s been like a good goal and something that I really love about having.

gym Bartlesville OK

gym Bartlesville OK