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Gym fitness in Topeka | How is Colaw voted the best gym?

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Hi! My name is Patrick and I can’t wait to tell you about the best gym in Topeka Kansas! Here at Colaw Fitness we have a very clear mission in mind. Always making sure that we make Jesus famous and love on people. Whenever you walk into one of our gym’s you will be greeted by the friendliest staff ever! Never again question if you’re getting most bang for your buck at a gym. Because over here at 19th Terrace and Wanamaker we will guarantee you get the best price. Always feel free to check us out online or just give us a call at 785-409-8823.

So how can Colaw Fitness be voted the best gym in Topeka, Bartlesville, and Joplin? This may come as a surprise as Colaw Fitness is a relatively new company. Starting out we may be some newer gyms in town, but we are still growing ever more. Check out one of our new gyms just opening up in Arlington Texas. With more on the way you can expect to see Colaw Fitness and other states as well soon. So try visiting at any time to catch one of our phenomenal deals. Make sure that no matter where you are, check for new gyms opening up near you. So let’s get your gym fitness in Topeka Kansas.

While some gyms had to close down due to Covid-19, Colaw Fitness is continuing to open up more. Of course Colaw is taking all the precautions to make sure that you are still safe during these troubling times. We take into careful consideration all of your concerns when deciding what to do with our gyms. That way you can still feel safe while getting your fitness on. Making sure that all employees wear masks and putting out hand sanitizer everywhere in the gym. Cleaning 24/7 we take all precautions when your safety is in mind. always making sure when you get your gym fitness in Topeka, you will always be safe.

Gym fitness in Topeka

Feel safe knowing that Colaw is also one of the most affordable gyms in Topeka. Of course, we wouldn’t be rated one of the five best gyms in Topeka without having the best deals. Offering as low as only $5 a month not a lot of other gyms can compete with that price. On top of that though, Colaw Fitness offers 3 months free on the first Monday of every month. That’s right, the first Monday of every single month you can get a whopping three months free! So for the best gym fitness here in Topeka Kansas check out Colaw. If you can’t come in on the first Monday of the month we also do promotions typically throughout the month.

The staff here at Colaw Fitness always make sure to give the most amazing customer service we can give. Always smiling whenever you walk through that door. If you ever need a concern addressed feel free to ask one of the staff. The staff are always cleaning 24/7 so make sure you have the most pleasant experience you can. Not only are they friendly, but ready to make you one of the highlights of their day. So come check us out and work out in one of the best environments suited to you. Because for the best gym fitness in Topeka we give you the best environment.

Speaking of environments, Colaw culture will make sure that you feel right at home here in our gym. We always want to make sure our gym environment is as pleasant as can be to anyone coming in. That’s why we have a strict no gym jerk policy here to make everyone feel welcome. That means no dropping loud weights or having a show-off attitude. We like our customers to make sure that both their torso and chest are covered while in the gym. Make sure that you also wipe off all equipment after use that way it can stay clean throughout the day. Always make sure to dress for the occasion as well, so feel free just store your other clothes in our changing and locker rooms. So before getting your gym fitness in Topeka make sure your gym gots what you want.

As the best fitness club in Topeka we love to hear about what you have to say about us. That’s why we love it when you give us reviews online. Always making sure to see any problems that you might have with our gym. So we can see what we can do to improve. Just share your experience on either Google or Facebook! So get your gym fitness in Topeka starting off right. To provide incentive no matter what review you give us we give our water bottles and bags. We value any constructive criticisms you may have to give so feel free to be honest with us whenever you visit.

When searching for gyms near me on Google you may have more than working out on your mind. So always know that no matter what membership you get free tanning and massage are included. With high power lay down and stand up units, get your tan on here at Colaw Fitness. That or if tanning isn’t your thing relax on one of our many massage chairs. If you don’t want a regular massage chair check out one of our hydromassage beds. This bed can offer a more intense and soothing massage to finish out your workout. Try it for yourself, even if you just get a day pass for as low as $5 even, you get access to the entire facility.

Someone asking yourself what the best gym in Topeka is, just ask your friend. They may be too busy to tell you though as they relax on one of our massage beds as well. That’s right! You can bring a free friend every single day, and they enjoy all the luxuries you can as well. The best part is if three or more friends join on our Member Appreciation Night you get a free year! So feel free to refer someone and have them join on the first Monday of the month. Three free months for them and a possible free year for you. It’s as easy as that!

Whenever you walk into any Colaw Fitness we firmly stand behind the saying” you are worth it”. So whenever you stop by at a Colaw fitness we will make you feel like you are. For all these reasons and more that’s why each one of our gyms has been rated the best no matter where. So join today and be introduce into the most affordable and best gym in Topeka! For working out tips and tricks check out Charles and Amber Colaw’s podcast: “You Can Do This”! Again, you can check us out online by searching for “Colaw Fitness” on your search engine, or call us anytime at 785-409-8823. See you soon! Best place for gym fitness in Topeka.