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Gym in Arlington | Annual Price Rate Guarantee

Content written for Colaw Fitness.

Take this opportunity to stop by the Gym in Arlington and learn how you can get in the best shape of your life as possible. We have multiple membership options that you are allowed to choose from. Let our staff members help choose one that will best fit your lifestyle and work schedule. There are multiple memberships to choose from such as our reward membership and our flat rate membership. Both will give you motivation to achieve all of your weight loss goals and a quick efficient manner. Talk to one of our staff members at our location or give our customer service department a phone call.

Our phone number is 918-766-3353 and can be reached any time. We care about your call and want to answer all the questions or concerns regarding our facility. Let our staff members tell you everything that each membership includes. You will love all of the extra amenities that are offered with each membership. Everyone’s favorite thing about our membership is that you are allowed to bring a friend for free. Bring a friend every day to work out with you.

You can bring a new friend or family member every time. It never has to be the same person. All guests have access to our facility just like our members do. You will love this about our gym because this makes us different than anyone else in the world. You will love our gym because you will become a part of our family at colaw fitness. Come sign up now because the gym in Arlington is the best choice for you!

gym in arlington

Talk to a staff member at our location and learn more about our flat rate membership and reward membership. Our reward membership is one of our most popular memberships that we offer. This membership can be yours for only one dollar down and five dollars a month. The Gym in Arlington gives you this great offer because we want to help motivate you to visit the gym more often than you normally would. This membership is five dollars a month as long as you can visit the gym 12 or more times a month. That is only an average of three days a week of visiting our facility.

Each membership includes an annual price rate guarantee. This guarantees your monthly payments will never change or go up. Regardless of the changes staff members make to memberships, your price will never change. Choose our flat rate membership for a more safe option. This membership stays $10 flat regardless of how many times you visit the gym. You become zero times or 20 times in your membership will stay $10 flat. There are no up sales in any membership that we offer.

Everything is laid out in front of you so you know everything that memberships include and pricing. Our staff members are awesome at telling everyone what each membership includes an how you can become a member today. The sign-up process is very fast and easy. We do not take up all of your time by signing up. You will love our atmosphere as soon as you walk through our doors.

Our location is very unique because we offer you free trainer instruction classes and free nutrition instructions. Locate a schedule of all of these classes I’m stand days at the front desk of the facility at all times. Free trainer instruction classes will teach you how to properly use all of our fitness equipment at the Gym in Arlington. You can take a class for upper body, lower body, or abs and cardio. Staff members will guide you around and show you all of our fitness equipment and learn how to adjust it properly.

We truly care about your safety while using our workout equipment so feel free to take these classes with one of our staff members at any allotted time. You can locate our free nutrition instructions in our Colaw Fitness 30 Day and Diet Workout Program. The CF 30 class will give you a workout guide, diet plan, as well as fitness tips to make your fitness journey easier. All you have to do is put into effect and you will lose weight fast.

We have had a great success rate within this program. You can lose anywhere from 10 to 30 pounds of body fat and just 30 days if you follow it to a T. Listen to members talk about their fitness achievements of this program and our member testimonial videos. You can find these online and listen to our members talk about their fitness achievements. They will also tell you why you should join our gym and what you are missing out on.

There is an abundant amount of fitness equipment that is provided at the Gym in Arlington. There is a matrix machines to work each and every muscle in your body so you get a awesome workout experience. These matrix machines are what machines are taught in the free trainer instruction classes. Also enjoy the abundant amount of cardio equipment that is provided. Never worry about having to weigh on a treadmill because we provide plenty. You can also choose from our bikes, ellipticals, stairmaster machines, as well as rowing machines. Free weight accessories are available to use anywhere throughout our gym.

You can enjoy using bands, cattle weights, medicine balls, dumbbells, and so much more. You will love our culture at our facility because we do not allow gym jerks. Never worry about feeling intimidated at our facility because everyone is very respectful. Christian music plays on the speakers ahead on our speakers for you to listen to and worship to. We are a beginners atmosphere and provide positive and uplifting spirits every time you walk through our doors.

Talk to a staff member today and learn how you can become a member at the Gym in Arlington. The best way is to contact our customer service department at 918-766-3353. Everyone in our customer service department will help answer all of your questions and concerns regarding memberships and facility use. You will love everything that our gym guaranteed whenever you walk through our doors. Staff members will make you the highlight of our day and change your life for the better.

Get in the best shape of your life when you become a member in the part of our family here at Colaw Fitness. Visit our website to find photos of all of our fitness equipment and staff members. You will see our friendly faces everywhere throughout our website to lift your spirits and make you want to join and become a part of our family.