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Gym in Arlington TX | Colaw Fitness Podcast #41 | Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

At Colaw Fitness gym in Arlington TX we love educating our members in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

Hi, this is Charles and Amber Colaw. Today we’re gonna give you a fitness tip. Amber, tell us the fitness tip. Okay, well the fitness tip is to focus more on fat loss than weight loss. But explain to people what the difference is when you’re using two very similar terms, weight loss versus fat loss. Weight loss is, is when you’re concerned as losing weight on a scale.

And fat loss is where you are concerned turned with actually losing the ooey gooey sub cutaneous, body fat on your body. So most people that I’ve trained are more focused that they want to look better and look better in a mirror or in their clothes. And that’s mainly more about fat loss and how much you actually weigh on a scale. Some of it’s going to happen when you losing fat, you’re also going to be losing some weight. But most people’s goal is to look better. Uh, you know, in the mirror, look better in their clothes and feel better, have a better self image of themselves.

So you have to make the decision. Do you want the scale to tell you what you want to see or the mirror to tell you what you want to see. And so it is kind of a different focus focusing on weight on the scale versus fat loss. And so what you see in the mirror. Exactly. So the clients, most of clients don’t want to get in talk in general, like, Hey, they’re your, your tip for this week is to focus more on actual fat loss than it is weight loss. So you become a smaller, more toned, good-looking version of yourself.

Question is we should or shouldn’t check the scale every single day. Yeah, you should not check the scale every day.

And if you’re doing a good diet and a good workout, you’re going to be losing fat and toning up and looking better. And that is the fitness tip of the week. This is Charles and Amber Colaw. I have a blessed day.

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