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Gym in Bartlesville | Colaw Fitness Podcast #34 & #35 | How much weight should I use?

Hey, this is Charles and Amber Colaw. We’re going to give you today a win of the week and a notable quotable. And today’s winner, the week is Clarissa. She’s lost 18 pounds, baby.

Okay. And amber, we have a notable quotable and Amber is going to give us the notable quotable.
Go ahead. Okay. If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk then crawl. But whatever you do, just keep moving.
Keep moving forward baby.

Yeah,that’s by Martin Luther King Jr.

Yes. Just like Clarissa, she started getting into fitness and she’s been kept moving forward. Get move forward. Now she’s down 18 pounds. So awesome job Clarissa. Watch her video and have an awesome week and we’ll see you guys next week. This is Charles and Amber Colaw. Bye Bye.

I’m Klaryssa Heussmann. Uh, I love the overall like people who are here and how friendly everyone is. Um, I would say like the dedication people make to like make this place like happy and fun. You are still welcome. Um, they’re missing out on the awesome machines and the just overall, the staff, honestly, they’re really friendly and nice. And I’ll go. This summer. I joined Colaw Fitness gym in Bartlesville. I’ve only been here for about two and a half months or so, and I’ve lost, I think I was about 18 pounds. So dedication, uh, the treadmill, elliptical, and then a lot of lifting.

Hey, this is Charles and Amber Colaw. Today we’re going to give you a fitness tip and Amber has our fitness tip.

Well, the fitness tip is we got a question and somebody said, how much weight should I be using for strength training,

for strength training? So if you’re wanting to do weight training or strength training, um, well like if you’re a power lifter, you’re competing for some sort of event or you’re an athlete. When you’re doing strength training, it could be anywhere from like one to 10 repetitions to really get maximum strength out of the body. But 99.9% of most people that go to the gym want to do more just general fitness and muscle toning and toning up the body and losing fat.

And that rep range is what I really recommend most clients, especially beginner exercisers to be using. And that would be more like an eight to 15 repetitions until you fail. Like you have tried to lift the weight and it’s like 13, 14 I can’t get it. And that’s going to be heavy enough to cause a muscle fiber to, to really recruit fire, get a small microfiber tear, cause a little bit of soreness to recover and build from, and also gives you a strength benefit. Um, and so, um, you wanna use a weight that’s heavy enough to stimulate the body, but not damage the body in eight to 15 is a really good rep range,

right? And we always recommend at least one good warmup set. Really lightweight. Yeah. High rep. Get the muscle warmed up.

but if you’re warmed up, anything between eight and 15 repetitions is a good a strength training and muscle toning rep range. And that’s the fitness tip. This is Charles and Amber Colaw have a blessed day. Visit Colaw Fitness gym in Bartlesville today to learn more.

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