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Gym in Bartlesville | Don’t Be Tempted, Be Convinced

content written for Colaw Fitness

You have come to our place on the world wide web because…? The only choice for a Gym in Bartlesville is Colaw Fitness. Maybe you are simply curious. Perhaps you are not satisfied with where you visit now. Could be a high school reunion, wedding, renewal, prom, vacation or a trillion other reasons. That’s how many options we have available to help you succeed. We would be more than happy for you to call us right now at 918-766-3353. Outside of business hours, you may leave a message and your call will be returned within 24 business day hours.

At Colaw Fitness, we ARE convinced. We have dozens of combined years of experience in so many aspects of life. Facilities staffed with knowledgeable and life experienced people. We individually specialize in areas of life that fitness is necessary for survival and health. Some of us grew up with fitness and some of us joined along the way and realized what an amazing necessity it is. Our staff is convinced and their passion shines through as they tour you around each facility. No one “just works at a job” at Colaw Fitness. A team dedicated to you because we care.

Our conviction to providing a safe, operational, clean, sanitary, peaceful, calm, convenient, and affordable facility is obvious. This Gym in Bartlesville is the only one you need. Why haven’t you been to the gym lately or ever? Most people simply “don’t have time.” Studies are showing benefits of only 30 minutes, 3 times a week. What if you break down 15 minutes over 6 days? Stop in after work for a much-needed massage because relaxing. Drop by on your way to work to tan for 10 minutes and get “glowing” to face the day. Remember, tons of options because we care.

Surprisingly, there are historically only two keys to physical fitness. Diet and exercise because it is simple. When these aren’t maintained in a healthy balance, we are not the only ones to suffer. Everyone around us cannot benefit from all we have to offer, when we are running on nothing. Most machines cannot. Our bodies have got to be the most efficient and mysterious machines ever created. It is only natural to understand we must tune them up, hydrate them, and keep all the vitamins and minerals in balance. Without proper maintenance we will end up in the shop.

Bartlesville Gym Colaw Fitness Outside 1 Bartlesville Gym Colaw Fitness Bikes

At your Gym in Bartlesville, you will be invited anytime of the day or night to work on your machine. You will have help available with operation, accidents, or physical limitation assistance. Many of our members are coming in after major surgeries and doing their physical therapy. We will be glad to assist in any way we can to assure your success. All of our equipment is sanitized all day long. By our staff and members and guests. Think of bringing your bestie to catch up on life, while working off some pounds. Guests are free with members every single visit. Guests can access all aspects of our facilities because we love to show what we offer.

There is never a perfect time for joining the Gym in Bartlesville. Have you noticed how there really is no such thing as the perfect time for anything? In fact, it seems the entire situation of “perfect time” just never quite arrives. It’s like when your grandpa told your grandma he’d get the chores done when he “gets around to it”. Today is the perfect time. Get around to it now. #youareworthit is not just a catch phrase for us. Not just a hashtag to win some popularity contest. Our Gym in Bartlesville and all of our locations prove we mean it. We know you are worth it. Come let us show you your trillions of options.

Unquestionably, Colaw Fitness can improve almost everything about your life. If you have the will, we have the way. Do you think it just isn’t in the budget for you right now? It is easy to find statistics that healthy bodies miss work less often. We always have joining specials available. We have membership appreciation night monthly. With everything packed into each facility, your membership will pay you back again and again. Most members pay less than five dollars per month if you average out the specials. Ask you employer. Some of our members really do get paid by their employer for gym attendance. You may even save on life insurance.

Clearly your research brought you Colaw Fitness, the most fun Gym in Bartlesville. How do we get you to join? FREE FOOD! The first Monday of the month brings in various vendors to feed you from 4-8pm. That is worth $5 a month alone. Our Member Appreciation Night is about giving back and sharing the love. We care about our members, their guests and families. We are no more interested in running a cold, hard gym, than you would be going to one. M.A.N., as we call it, is a once a month celebration of success, community and sharing laughter and love. Putting all fitness goals aside for one day and just breathe.

We partner with different food sources for your knowledge about your community, as well. Trying new things is what makes life worth living. What else could possibly keep you away from the Best Gym in Bartlesville? Just give us a call. We can simply tempt you even more if you just give us a call at 918-766-3353. We can almost convince you on the phone. Our passion and excitement are quite audible. The sparkle in our eye and the smile on faces will CONVINCE you. That is how confident we are, not only because it is true, but if you Google Colaw Fitness, other convinced people will encourage you on your own journey.