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Gym in Bartlesville | Why you should stop using bad form | Colaw Fitness

Hey I’m Charles and Amber Colaw. We’re here with the win of the week and we’re going to tell you what the win in the week is and talk about a fitness tip. So Charles, yes, the win of the week is Tina. Tina’s lost 21 pounds.
So good job Tina.

The fitness tip is to stop any bad form while you’re exercising with, the big thing is, is most people come into a gym in Bartlesville, you don’t know what they’re doing, right? It’s kind of awkward and we have a lot of that kind of stuff that can happen is we have, we’re kind of a beginner gym in Bartlesville, so people come in, they don’t know what they’re doing. And then I tried to just mimic stuff and they’re using bad form.

Bad form could cause an injury. And we want to make sure that people are fully educated on how to do things correctly so that they’re confident in that and they have a lower chance of injury and they feel like the exercises are going to be more productive because they are doing the right type of form to work executive muscle correctly. So, um, the biggest thing is wanting to people to learn how to learn good for them and to provide the most out of their workout.

Yep. For sure. And so, uh, we want to make sure that we provide that for you. We do have a free trainer there, and I’m gonna talk about here that in here in a minute. What is the notable quotable? Ok. Notable quotable for this week is we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit by Aristotle. Okay. So we are what we repeatedly do.

So when we want to learn, get formed, we need to repeat that new owner for over and over until then we get it. And it’s like second nature. Yeah. And so everybody kind of sucks at what they, everything until they don’t send it out. So everybody stinks. It sucks that they’re whatever they’re doing until they don’t. And so we want to make sure that they fully know how to do that. So yeah. More practice. Yeah.

The action step would be come to the free trainer class that we have in all of our locations and learn the proper form so that you can get the most out of your workout. Know, you’re doing it properly, uh, for the most benefit of your workout and no injury, Huh? Yeah. And so we have a free trainer Class A, it’s completely free. You just look for the sign in the, in the facility and I’ll say free trainer just come in there and they’ll, and ask him exactly, uh, when are you going to offer those?

And they’ll show you exactly what to do, how to do the exercises, um, the right form and technique so that you will be confident and that will help you repeat it till you get it down. So, um, action steps or come to the free trainer class. And then go repeat you’re good for and repeat the good form, like your songs talks about repeating. So, uh, we’re gonna play the video of Tina. She lost 21 pounds. So congratulations. And our fitness tip is to stop doing the bad exercises that get in with the free trainer to learn how to do the good and learn how to do it and repeat it enough so that you feel confident in. So Charles and Amber, thank you. Congratulations.

Hey, I’m Tina. I like that Colaw is 24 hours. Oh. I like all the friendly workers and I also like all different people that come in here and workout. And they are missing out on bringing a friend. I’ve lost 21 pounds since August. I had a workout regimen provided for me from one of the workers here.