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Gym in Joplin | Healthiness is the Goal

This content written for Colaw Fitness

When you want to get healthy or stay healthy, we are the place you want to be. The best Gym in Joplin is definitely Colaw Fitness. We would love to talk to you about your goals and what we offer for you to succeed. Call us anytime at 417-437-9345. We are staffed 24 hours a day. Giving tours are something all of our staff enjoys. We like to show off everything we have for health and fitness. It doesn’t matter if you have never been in a gym or if you are an old pro. We have something for everyone. No matter your shape, size, age, wardrobe, or knowledge of the equipment. That is what we love helping you learn. Your success is our success.

As a result, we have a place for everyone to show off whoever they are. Everyone is special to someone and at Colaw Fitness, we are the someone to many. Evidently you need a change. Let us help hold your hand on this journey. There are as many reasons to come to Colaw Fitness as there are stars in the sky. You may come in at first just to get a few pounds off. Then once you begin losing weight, you may decide to add some strength training. Once you build some muscles, you might just think you want to tan.

No matter what your goal of body shaping may be, EVERYONE loves a good massage. Our Gym in Joplin has many full body massage, with inflation, chairs. Indeed, after a long day at work or activity laying on our hydro jet massage table can melt the pain and tension away. It’s great for physical therapy. It’s a perfect time to take ten minutes to yourself, close your eyes and breathe. Taking care of your health is becoming more important than ever. Our lives are busy and so many people depend on us now. Taking only 30 minutes, three times a week for yourself is just great maintenance. Like servicing your car. However, your finely tuned body is a much more technical machine. It requires more maintenance.

At the Colaw Fitness Gym in Joplin we are all about assuring our members achieve their goals. We provide a clean, peaceful, fun atmosphere. Our staff helps to motivate and encourage every member. We have a family atmosphere and are a family company. Care in a personal way because you are worth it. We want everyone to succeed. It can be “gymtimidating” if you’ve never been in a fitness facility. So many moving parts and machines and things you have no idea what to do with. Let our staff demonstrate all equipment until you fully understand. Scan the smart phone codes on our circuit training for demonstrations. Each piece of equipment displays the muscles impacted with the full range of motion. Another great feature is that the circuit equipment counts your reps and the time you are using the machine.

The best way to improve our health is also from the inside out. Our proprietary dietary program is another great feature included with your membership. As well as access to a personal trainer to help you focus on each muscle group for what you seek to accomplish. There are so many options, so please come in for a tour. Enjoy the privacy of your own shower. There are no locker rooms at Colaw Fitness. We do have lockers available to use while at the facility. We encourage everyone to label their items, but we do have a lost and found.

Colaw Fitness Joplin Cardio Colaw Fitness Joplin Treadmills

As your fitness, health and confidence improve, your friends and family will want to know your secret. Don’t just tell them about it. Bring them with you. You can bring a guest with you every time you visit. Your guest gets access to everything you do and it’s a great way to compete or encourage them. This Gym in Joplin will meet all of your needs. Then, you would want to stop in for some Colaw gear. We have things for your convenience in your workouts. Stylish hoodies and shirts. We even have caps to show your gym pride. There are more benefits than we can even list here. It truly is a “see it to believe it” experience.

We are so confident in what we offer and the amazing value, that we even have free trial memberships. Occasionally, throughout the year, we will offer new member the ability to gift fitness to someone they know or love. This allows more access to everyone in the community to benefit from the many things within each and every facility. On the whole, there is simply one place you should trust with the goals of your mind, body, spirit oneness of joy. All of this starts as low as only five dollars per month. The benefits are priceless. Overall, research shows everything you need in a great fitness center, is contained within the walls of each and every Colaw Fitness. You have reached the end of your search for a Gym in Joplin.

Our staff is trained to assist you, no matter the need. Going to a gym for the first time ever is definitely a scary experience for everyone. That’s the thing, see, EVERYONE had a first time. We all have commonality and that is the bond we build on. Our members are like-minded and it is a community atmosphere. No matter your goals, we all want to achieve success. It is perfectly natural to want to feel healthy and attractive. Confidence helps all of us have a little bit better day. Relieving pain brings an amazingly better day! This Gym in Joplin features what you seek. In a casual, relaxing, and most importantly, accepting, facility designed for you.

So why haven’t you been yet? What will it take for you to join up right now? How about free stuff? There may not be such a thing as a free lunch, but we do provide a free dinner once a month. Every month we have a party and celebrate Member Appreciation Night. The menu varies, but the fun doesn’t. This is always a great time, and we look forward to sharing with the community. We constantly give back and are blessed in kind. Even if you are not a member, please drop in and see what an amazing family fitness facility we are proud of. For dates and times give us a call at 417-437-9345.