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Gym in Joplin | How did Ashlyn lose 16 lbs? | Colaw fitness Joplin

Hi we are Charles and Amber Colaw. And we’re here with the win of the week. So the win of the week this week is Ashlyn and she’s lost 16 pounds. Yay. Good job at 16 pounds. Okay. So Charles, share the fitness tip of the week. The fitness tip of the week is basically your body is a reflection of what you’re eating. And a lot of people want to know what foods to be eating to lose weight, get in shape.

So, um, uh, so how does your body, the question is, is how do you get your body to use its own stored body fat as energy? So we gooey body fat, how do we get your, your, your, your, your body to start burning that fat off and Sir you to get that leaner and more toned physique. And um, we talk about this a lot in our nutrition plan that we do for free in our CF 30 plan and to force your body to use its own fat as an energy.

A lot of the most common ways are from like a maker’s diet, the south beach diet, Paleo based diets, high protein diets, Ketogenic, um, any of the diets that lower the carbohydrate value. All of them fundamentally take away the sugars and starches and a lot of the refined base carbohydrates out of the Diet. When you, when you’re eating foods that reduce all the man made sugar, it’s man made carbs and pull that out, your body. Your body actually has to start using.

If you don’t get carbs, your body loves carbs, energy, but you don’t give your body carbs, it’s going to force your body to use its own fat as an energy reserves. So it’s going to start pulling from the fat in your body instead of the carbs that you’re eating. So your body prefers carbs first, but if it doesn’t get carbs over about three to five days is going to go to a ketogenic process.

Colaw Fitness Joplin Cardio Colaw Fitness Joplin Outside

We’re going to use your own fat as an energy substrate. So I’ll start pulling your own fat. And so we talk about ketogenic diets and how those work and our CF-30 plan. We tell you exactly what foods are going to force your own body to use its own fat as an energy substrate. So that way when you’re working out and the foods that you’re eating, your daily activity throughout the day, you’re actually burning your own fat all day long.

Instead of just eating sugars and starches and carbohydrates as you’re just using that and your body never does it, tap into the fat reserves to burn. So we want to educate you and tell you how to do that in our free nutritional plan that we give to all of the people that come to our gym. Um, as in the CF 30 Colaw Fitness gym in Joplin. 30 day idiot proof diet and workout programs.

So come and check that out. So, um, uh, the next Amber is going to tell us about our notable quotable for the week. Okay. And so whenever the mind can believe you can achieve, and that’s by Napoleon Hill. Is one of the authors of one of our favorite books think and grow rich, it’s a great book. Um, not just about money, but about valuable things and how to think a certain way.

And certain types of people think certain types of ways. And so we want you to think in a, in a, in a great way. So whatever the mind can believe you can achieve. So if you believe you can succeed in following the nutrition plan, if you believe that you can’t achieve it, and we’re going to help you believe it by giving you the tools to be successful. And that book is the second best book next to the Bible.

Of course, everybody knows. So, um, action steps this week. So the action step this week is to come sign up today, come to the free nutrition and Diet program. Our memberships are only $1 down and as low as $5 a month. If you don’t like it in 30 days, we give you your money back so you can come in and do the CF 30. Follow the plan, work out for 30 days, lose weight, get great results, get a great video. And if you don’t like it, you can get your money back.

So there’s no risk. It’s the CF 30 Colaw Fitness 30 diet and workout program at Colaw Fitness gym in Joplin. So $1 down low as 5 dollars a month. We’ll see you guys soon. Learn about how to lose and burn that body fat. How to get your body used its own fat as an energy substrate. So you can be that lean, fit, tight body that you want. So have a good day. We’ll see you next week.

Ashlyn. Um, I really liked the environment right now. I definitely, $5 a month staff is super friendly. Nobody’s ever been rude or anything. I have, I’ve lost about 16 pounds. This is definitely the best gym in Joplin.