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Gym in Oklahoma City | 5 supplements that work | Colaw Fitness

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week for this trip. Charles, give us some pointers on supplements at work supplements that work. So I want to start off with five simple supplements that really do work. And number one is protein powders.

A lot of times we’re not getting all the protein rich foods in our diet as far as in like meat and, uh, like any type of like eggs and meat and high amino acid, rich proteins. And so whey protein is a high bioavailable protein that’s easy digest and builds muscle and whey protein powder is fairly inexpensive and you can use that on the go as a quick meal replacement. You can also use it as a post workout recovery, but protein powders really do help people gain muscle, lose body fat it’s lower in calorie, lower in sugars, fats, and so on.

It helps build lean muscle mass had clients definitely build muscle on whey protein powders and also help them lose fat at the same time. So that’s number one is protein powders. Number two is pre-workout powders pre-workout pers and videotaped pre pre-workout powder. Yes, they totally work for me.

It makes a total difference. I can tell for sure. Yes. And pre-workout powders have basically it’s a, some sort of a caffeine or adrenal stimulant with arginine, which vessels dilate. So basically caffeine, it wakes you up. Isf you’re not motivated to workout a pre-workout drink, actually wake you up, give you energy, give you increased blood flow. So your muscles can warm up and feel fuller and stronger and also helps with has some of it has creatine phosphates and increases ATP.

It’s called [inaudible] triphosphate the energy in the muscle. So you get a little bit of better contractions, a little better workout, which then gets you better results.
And that is in some pre-workout powders. Um, and then the third, what’s the third one neighbor and multivitamin multivitamin. So we’re not eating all the right amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in our foods. We’re not eating tons of different fruits and vegetables and all that stuff all the time.

So we want to make sure that we’re topping off our fuel tank with a good multivitamin multimineral supplement. So multivitamin is highly recommended for overall health and wellness. And number four, creating, creating, creating has been around for a long time, think of a raisin and a great, a creatine rich muscle hydrates, like the raising up like a great, uh, raising a great brush. You the same thing a raisin is, is basically a dehydrated grape. And so that helps hold like the muscle is like a raisin. And when you fill it with creatine, it’s more like a grape it’s more full, full, and turgid and strong.

It has more engineered triphosphate energy in the muscle, which gets you a better workout, better strength. It’s about 5% strength gain on some lifts, which then gets a little bit better microfiber tear, and you’re going to actually get better results using creatine as well, and also flushing your system. It holds water in the muscle. And so you’ll have more strength in your muscles. Um, number five, protein bars, protein bars, protein bars are great for meal replacement.

So anytime you’re on the go and you’re not eating any type of healthy foods, you don’t have a health packet in your purse, have a little meal replacement bar. I approved a lot of lower carb, higher protein bars are great for little quick fix food items to keep you on your real plan and keep you on your weight loss program. So that’s the five supplements that work for you. That’s the fitness tip this week. You guys have a blessed week. This is Charles Cola and Agricola, we’ll see you later. Bye bye.

gym in Oklahoma City

gym in Oklahoma City