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Gym in Topeka | Free Weights vs Machines | Colaw Fitness Gym

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week fitness. Yes. So Charles tell us what’s better free weights or machines,
Free weights or machines. Well, they both can be beneficial.

And, um, so a lot of times when I start a client off. If they’re not really used to form and technique, and I don’t have a lot of time with them. Uh, machines have really a set range of motion. So if you get on a machine, you put a pin in the side of the machine and it will basically hold you in proper position.

And so you can lift that weight and do that range of motion without like really getting way off track. You don’t have to really stabilize it or really secure it. So machines are really good when you begin. Just so that you’ve got a really easy way to get started. It’s got a really simple diagram.

All of our machines, you can scan with your phone, they can actually tell you how to do it off that YouTube video.
And then you just sit on it and go through that range of motion, super mindless idiot, proof type workout, and you can still benefit. I use machines and free weights.

Machines can be beneficial for even, you know, veteran type fit fitness people, and then free weights. You’re going to have to stabilize it a lot. So that same range of motion. You’ll have to stabilize it. Like if you’re doing a curl, you’re going to have to stabilize your shoulder or your elbow or a machine.

You may lock the elbow into the set, fixed joint. And so, um, free weights. I do believe I’m gonna recruit a little bit more muscle, a little more stabilizers, and it’s also more natural free flowing to the human body. Cause it’s not structurally like held into certain form.

So I think it’s better to do a freeway motion, but it’s not better until you really know the form and techniques. You need to make sure you really know the form, know the technique, have a friend or a trainer, come check out our trainers. We have free trainer instruction that teaches all you guys how to use this stuff properly.

So check it out. This is Charles Colaw on the fitness tip. Um, Amber, do you have any other thoughts to that? Yup. That’s it. That’s you guys next week? Have a blessed week. Bye. Bye. [inaudible].

gym in Topeka

gym in Topeka