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Gym in Topeka | Hot trends in fitness 2021 | Colaw Fitness Topeka

Hey, were Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week. So, yeah. Okay. So times are always changing and we’ve seen a lot of different trends come through the fitness industry. So right now at the beginning of 2021, what are some of the hot trends in fitness.

Frozen hot trends and fitness? Generally, there’s always going to be, people are going to, first of the year, they’re going to be getting into wanting to eat better. So our lower carb or ketogenic diets are really popular.

So that’s going to be a trend that you’re, that you’re going to see a lot of is people wanting. To get really tight on their food and generally lower carb, higher ketogenic type diets, really shed fat fast. So that’s going to be a trend that you’re going to see. Um, also high intensity training where people are like to really get in the gym and push themselves hard.

Um, I like to use like giant sets and super sets and try sets and drop sets and things like that. Different ways to train. And a lot of stuff really nowadays is getting popular. It’s more and more free weights, free weights are really becoming popular.

Um, uh, it was popular and then it kind of trended away. Now there’s a lot of high intensity, more free weight stuff. People are really getting into fitness, um, a lot more so, um, that’s what I really see. And then also, um, old school, personal training, really having a good trainer working with you. Um, and people kind of, don’t like fad stuff.

People want to get to really getting in shape and that’s really falling strict dieting, having a good trainer, having a real free weights, using real free weights, um, do and drop sets, tri sets, giant sets, things like that to really stimulate the body. So those are what I believe that the IC and the industry trending. For sure.

So that’s, that’s what I would say for top fitness trends. It’s kind of going back to more of the heart when I say hardcore more intentional, intentional free weight training, uh, focusing on the exercises, proper diet, right? I would say, uh, almost more of an educated weightlifting got a lot of people are going online. They’re researching.

They see what really works is they do their learning that it isn’t just a machine, but it is like you got to follow a tight diet plan. You’ve got to really be serious about your workouts. And so that’s what I really see in my opinion, a trending in 2021. So anyway, that’s, that’s the fitness tip, uh, jump on those fitness trends.

That’s Charles Colaw. And Amber Colaw love to see you in the clubs. See you next week. Bye-bye bye-bye [inaudible].

gym in Topeka

gym in Topeka