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Gym in Topeka | How to build muscle | Colaw Fitness Topeka KS

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week and fitness tip. Tell us again, cause we talked about this a lot and it keeps coming back around. Cause you guys liked this one. How to build muscle. I know there’s going to be a flex guy to build muscle.

Okay. What we want to do for building muscle? It comes down to a couple of components here far as in one when you work out. Okay. you actually cause what they call a microfiber terrace. It’s where the muscle tissue, the little fibers actually come apart a little bit and then they heal and repair bigger and stronger. They adapt. Think about like digging a ditch.

You build like your skin can get a blister or a, can it get irritated with your skin? Yeah. Your skin will then adapt to that and then build up a callous as a defensive response. Same thing with working out with weights. So if you’re doing weight training, your muscles get stimulated and they have what they call a microfiber tear. It’s not a major tear.

And then those that heal and repair bigger and stronger. So it’s basically conditioning your body saying I’ve had a stimulus put upon me. I must adapt and become bigger and stronger. So when you work out with weights, anywhere from about eight to 15 repetitions where you start to fail. So if I’m lifting it, it’s going to get to where the eighth to the 15th reps, somewhere in that range, it’s like, I’m saying go.

And it’s saying no, and you just can’t get it to move anymore. That’s going to cause enough reaction to that muscle tissue to get stimulated because of microfiber tear. And then with your diet, when you’re eating food, it breaks down and eventually the proteins get into the body and the protein gets in the bloodstream and the bloodstream then heals and repairs, the proteins or the healing repairing growth nutrients.

So any type of chicken, fish, steak, eggs, protein powders, but higher protein, rich diets are the nutrients that heal and repair that tissue. So you work out, you break it down, it heals and repairs.

Then you can do it again. It heals and repairs do it again, heals and repairs and what they call hypertrophies. And that’s where it makes those tissues become larger and stronger. And that’s where muscle growth is occurring. So to build muscle, my great action step is to go to our free trainer. Go learn how to do the exercises, learn how to do in between eight to 15 repetitions and then start following our CF-30 diet program.

Which is a higher protein, rich diet, which is going to cause that healing repairing component. So step one, go to the free trainer, step two, follow the CF-30 principles that they teach in that. And that’s going to teach you the workout and the nutrition part to build muscle. So this is Charles and Amber Colaw with the fitness tip. You guys have a blessed week. We’ll see you next week. Bye-Bye bye-bye.

gym in Topeka

gym in Topeka