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Gym in Topeka KS | How to improve cardio? | Colaw Fitness Topeka

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week. And so, uh, we have a question on how to improve cardio and we all know Amber loves cardio. I always say, if I’m running, you should too. And that’s my kind of cardio. Tell us, so tell me how I can improve my cardio.

Well, cardio today, I’m going to talk about, not about weight loss so much, but cardio [inaudible] cardio strength and cardiac endurance and cardiac recovery. And so cardiac strength is how hard your heart has to work to get up to the demand of exercise that you’re hitting.

And so what I want to do is talk about how you can increase your cardiac output and then also improve your cardiac recovery. So really I’m talking about cardiac strength and cardiac recovery. Cause what happens is, is when you have like a fight or flight response or you’re older or whatever, you want to keep that strength in your heart to be able to beat fast and then to recover quick.

So you don’t have a heart attack. And so if you do have an altercation or some sort of crazy thing in life happens, you can have a healthy heart recover and not have a heart attack or a stroke. So, um, when you’re young, so this is kind of a warning. Now I’m going to kind of give you some advice on how to improve cardiac strength and cardiac recovery.

And so one thing is if you have any health, heart health issues, don’t do what I’m going to tell you. But if you’re just somebody who’s young and pretty healthy already, and you have no major heart health issues, then this is fine to try this out. So what this is is maybe two different examples. First example is like a bike exercise bike.

If you get on an exercise bike, put the resistance as high as you can. This is what I’m gonna do is interval training. And so get on the exercise bike, put the resistance as high as it’ll go. So it’s very, very stiff and you’re peddling it. And then what I want you to do as you’re getting and going and peddling it, what you want to do is one minute, as hard as you can, fast as you can pedal.

And then three minutes of just barely keeping it going. When you do that one minute, as hard as you can, you really get your heart rate up. It’s a lot of muscular, a lot of strength and a lot of heart endurance is going to have to really, really push. You’re going to have to really push that strength of your heart to get that cardiac demand out.

And then the three minutes is that recovery. So you’re practicing it. What you practice, you get better at. So you’re pushing your heart really hard for one minute. And then you have a three minute that’s like just barely keep the pedals going recovery. Okay. So that’s not a bike resistance all the way up, push it.

Once you get kind of warmed up after three or five minutes. Then put the resistance all the way up and then you want to peddle it really, really, really hard for one minute. And then it’s been three minutes just recovering from that and then do one minute, three minutes, one minute, three minutes, and do about four or five of those intervals.

And that’s going to really help strengthen your heart to have anytime you have a hard physical demand and then a recovery from it. That’s going to train your heart for cardiovascular strength and then also cardiovascular recovery. And that’s going to help you in life in lots of situations.

If you have an adrenal dump because somebody freaks you out or somebody jumps in front of you that scares you or you in a parking lot, somebody tries to assault you. You’re going to have a lot better cardiac health [inaudible] to combat that, to run, to combat it.

Yeah, that’s also a run, fight, fight or flight, but there’s some great stuff that you get for your heart. Second thing is you can do it on a treadmill. Put the incline all the way up to the top is high as they’re going to incline. And then you want to just basically write as fast as you can for one a minute and then just slow it down and just walk as slow as you can for about three minutes.

So one, three, one, three, that kind of thing. And that’s going to really help strengthen that cardiac strength and cardiac recovery. That’s the fitness tip. This is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw, we’ll see you guys next week. Have a blessed week. Bye bye. Bye and see you at our gym in Topeka KS.

gym in Topeka KS

gym in Topeka KS