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Gym in Topeka KS | Love the atmosphere in our gym

Content written for Colaw Fitness.

Colaw Fitness is without a doubt the best gym in Topeka, KS you can find! Give us a call at 785-409-8823 to find out why! If you don’t have a phone you can also stop in the gym for a visit. That’s even better so you can see for yourself how amazing Colaw Fitness really is. Our front desk staff would be more than happy to give you a tour and answer your questions. This is the most luxurious gym in town and the cheapest too! You don’t have to break the bank to get the quality you deserve!

First, the customer service is unparalleled. The people who work at Colaw Fitness are the nicest and most genuine people you will ever meet. They also work harder than staff at other gyms because they care about your gym experience. They will be at the front desk to greet you without fail every time you walk through the doors. The staff is why the atmosphere here is better than any other gym in Topeka, KS. They always go above and beyond to connect with you and help with anything you need.

In addition, the atmosphere is amazing because of the media playing around our gym in Topeka, KS. The music is different than what’s playing at other gyms. However, the words are positive and uplifting while keeping a good beat to exercise to. You won’t regret forgetting your headphones at home! Additionally, there are short videos playing on the flat screens when you walk in and in front of the equipment. Some are devotionals and others are member testimonials. Everywhere you look on the walls are words of encouragement. If you look close enough you might even see a Bible verse or two!

Gym in Topeka KS

Colaw Fitness is the only gym in Topeka, KS that cares about more than physical fitness. This is a place you can come to grow your muscles and your faith! There are devotionals playing on the TVs around the gym you can watch while you exercise. Additionally, you can get a Bible for free at the front desk if you or a friend is in need. Any of our staff members would love to pray with you when you need it! Furthermore, rest and relaxation are part of growth which is why we have massage chairs.

The massage chairs at Colaw Fitness are the best you can find at any gym in Topeka, KS! They use water technology to give you the best massage you’ve had. They are super easy to use so don’t let the touch screens scare you away. Our massage chairs are free to use with your membership. They are a great way to relax your body and your mind. Additionally, there are flat screens in front of each chair to make you feel right at home. Try them out after a long day at work or after you killed your workout. You are worth it!

In addition to the massage chairs is our spectacular workout equipment. No other gym in Topeka, KS does it quite like we do! There is such a wide variety you can find equipment for whatever exercise you do. Also, there is enough to go around for everyone. No more waiting for someone to get off your machine! And the machines are simple and easy to use. You can safely use them even if you’ve never worked out a day in your life. Colaw Fitness was created with beginners in mind. This means that everything was created to make your fitness journey go smoothly.

For this reason, there is a no gym jerk policy at our gym in Topeka, KS. A gym jerk is anyone who makes loud noises, drops weights, has a show off attitude, or disturbs others. Gym jerks are intimidating and distracting. This makes working out way less fun. Going to the gym should be the highlight of your day! Gym jerks can easily scare away new members who don’t need another excuse not to come. Working out at Colaw Fitness is a safe and welcoming environment because this type of behavior is not allowed.

Another great resource for workout newbies is the orientations. You can sign up for these at the front desk. Just ask a staff member for more information! The orientations are free with your membership. They aren’t just for newbies either! Anyone looking to get familiar with our equipment should sign up! The orientations walk you through a workout plan template. They also show you the safest and most effective way to use the machines. This way you get the best out of your workout! The classes are small so you can ask the questions you need and tailor it to fit you.

Lastly, Colaw Fitness has the best tanning of any gym in Topeka, KS. Again, it is free with your membership! Choose between stand up and lay down beds. There are so many you won’t be left waiting for one to open! It’s a great way to make your summer tan last year-round. Or get rid of those pesky tan lines! It’s cheaper to tan at Colaw Fitness than to get a membership at a tanning salon. Tanning in our beds is safe. If you forgot your goggles or tanning lotion you can get some at the front desk!

Colaw Fitness is hands down the best gym in Topeka, KS! Look at all of the google reviews to see what other people have to say about us. Also, watch our member testimonials to hear from real people how Colaw Fitness changed their life for the better. Give us a call once you’ve realized Colaw Fitness is the place to be! You can reach us at 785-409-8823. Or come into the gym yourself to see it in person and sign up for a membership! This is a decision you won’t regret making. We look forward to meeting you!