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Gym in Topeka KS | No gym offers a better value

This content was written for Colaw Fitness.

Colaw Fitness is by far the greatest gym in Topeka, KS. Call us today at 785-409-8823 to find out how you can sign up today! Better yet, come into the facility so you can check it out in person. You won’t be disappointed by what you find! Colaw Fitness has won many awards in Topeka voted for by members. There is something for everyone here which is why everyone loves us! Signing up for a membership today at Colaw Fitness will be the best decision you make all week!

Our gym in Topeka, KS is the best because of the amazing workout equipment we provide. There is such a wide variety you’re bound to find what you need! Additionally, there is enough for everyone to go around! No more waiting your turn. Therefore, you and a friend can also do the same workout at the same time! You don’t have to take turns anymore! All the equipment we have is new and the best quality. It’s easy and safe to use, even for beginners! The machines are kept super clean all the time by our amazing staff.

In addition, Colaw Fitness has the best tanning beds of any gym in Topeka, KS! Choose between lay down and stand up beds. Like the equipment, they are easy and safe to use! You can get extra tanning accessories like lotion or goggles at the front desk. You have your own private changing area for when you tan too. This is a great way to keep your summer tan year-round or get rid of tan lines! Always be tan for your next cruise. Furthermore, you can use our gym just for tanning if you want! It’s way cheaper than having a membership at a tanning salon.

Gym in Topeka KS

Lastly, our massage beds are like no other! What other gym in Topeka, KS provides this with their memberships. And for the quality that Colaw Fitness does! We provide hydromassage beds that are out of this world. They use water technology to give you the massage of your life. Use the touch screens to personalize your massage so your muscles get the attention they need. This is great for relaxing after a long day at work. Additionally, they can help you work out tight knots from the insane workout you just finished.

Colaw Fitness is a gym in Topeka, KS that has a no gym jerk policy. A gym jerk is anyone who makes loud noises, drops weights, disturbs others, or has a show off attitude. This type of behavior is intimidating and unwelcoming to others. Our gym is known for its amazing atmosphere and that’s in part to not allowing gym jerks! Beginners are especially scared off by this and that shouldn’t happen! At a gym that was made for beginners, we want to ensure they feel safe and confident having a membership with us. Even the workout pros feel better when gym jerks aren’t around!

Furthermore, the Colaw Fitness gym in Topeka, KS has free training with your membership! You can sign up for this at the front desk. The orientations are recommended for everyone, beginners and pros alike. It’s a great way for pros to get familiar with the layout of our gym and all the equipment we provide. Additionally, it’s great for beginners because it shows the safest and most effective way to use the machines. The classes are small so you can ask the questions you need and tailor the class to fit your needs. It’s free to use so why not take advantage of it!

In addition, Colaw Fitness gym in Topeka, KS has a CF30 nutrition program that’s also free with your membership! It is a 30-day challenge that gets you amazing results fast. You can also sign up for this at the front desk. You’ll meet with a trainer who walks you through the best nutrition plan to follow paired with the best workout. The results are outstanding! We can help you reach your goals in no time with this program. Check out the member testimonials to see real results from real members.

At our gym in Topeka, KS you can bring a friend for free! We want you to bring a workout buddy if you choose, without paying extra. Working out is so much more fun with a friend by your side. This is also a great way to bring an accountability partner. You can bring the same person every day or a new friend each time! Couples who like to work out together can especially take advantage of this. It’s basically a way to have two memberships for the price of one! You can’t find an offer like this anywhere else in Kansas!

The prices at Colaw Fitness are the lowest of any gym in Topeka, KS. For $1 down and $5 a month you can work out, tan, massage, and more! That’s with our most popular reward membership. The more often you come to work out with us the lower price you pay! It’s a great incentive to get into the gym. The other plan we offer is $10 a month no matter how often you come in. One membership isn’t better than the other. It just depends on what you want your payment schedule to look like! Only having two options makes the decision easier for you.

Colaw Fitness is hands down the greatest gym in Topeka, KS. There is something for everyone here! We hope when you come in you bring all of your friends because we know they’ll love it too. Call us today at 785-409-8823 for more information on how to sign up today! You can also come into the gym anytime because it’s open 24/7. We hope you stop by to check out all that we have! You’ll feel right at home here and we know coming in will soon become the highlight of your day, every day!