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Gym in Topeka | Surround yourself with positive people | Colaw Fitness

Hi, this is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw. Today we’re going to talk to you about the win of the week. And Chloe is our win of the week she has lost 15 lbs.

So the way to go Chloe, she’s gonna go get it. So today we’re also gonna talk to you about a fitness tip. And the fitness tip is where I want to encourage everybody to surround themselves with positive people. Um, it’s so important to, uh, get, be successful in your fitness journey. Um, uh, based upon putting positive people around you that are motivating you to go in that direction. Sometimes even family or friends can kind of sabotage you.

And so you have to really try to surround yourself with that. And what I love is, is that our gym in Topeka are really known for having a positive, upbeat, motivating environment. Our staff are hired and trained based upon really bringing that boom and that big, overwhelming optimistic momentum. So when you enter the door, you want to greet you, encourage you. We also have great trainers that actually teach you exactly what to do, how to do the workout, how to eat healthy, give you mind freeing, easy to follow documents that tells you exactly what exercise to do is do.

You don’t have any question on how to use the equipment. They’ll show you that you don’t have it. You don’t have any questions on like how to, uh, how do I eat, how would I need to do to actually lose this fat? They give you really simple to follow templates that actually foods that target fat loss and help you become successful. Just like a, Chloe’s been doing it and losing weight. And toning up. So we want to encourage you to surround yourself with only positive, upbeat, motivated people.

Best Fitness Center in Topeka

So anybody you feel like it’s negative, it’s derailing you from that. Avoid them. Get them out of your lives. Don’t let that get into your brain and basically hold you hostage emotionally and, and derail yourself, um, surrounding yourself with positive people and cause really big. So, Amber, I want you to give us the motivational quote. It’s one of my very, very favorites. And I know you know this one.

So tell them proverbs 13:20 walk with wise men and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. And that’s one of our favorite proverbs that we’re always even pounding into our children. Yet you are who you surround yourself with and whoever you surround yourself with as who you’re going to become like, and they will influence you. Even if you try to be the one that’s going to influence them. So just remember, yeah, you just got to surround yourself with positive people in every aspect of your life. And sometimes that is hard. Um, if it’s really close old friends or family, um, that have been in your life for a long time or forever, that, um, stay focused on what that goal is and you’ll be like Chloe. You’ll be down 15 pounds before you know it.

And for me, I was in high school, I was over 300 pounds. It’s hard to believe, but if you look it up, you might go to find some pictures of me back when I was over 300 pounds. He’s a big football player guy, but I wasn’t, I wasn’t really comfortable in my own skin. And I actually sat out and found a guy that had also lost a lot of weight and toned up his body and he was a former fitness guy, bodybuilder guy. He, he gave me a document, told me exactly what to be eating all throughout the day.

He told me exactly what workouts to do and I surrounded myself with an environment and people like that. And it really changed, um, the way I felt about myself. So it actually for the first time I liked, felt comfortable in my own skin and there’s nothing, uh, you know, more pleasing to feel comfortable in your own skin and feel attractive or to feel like you’re fit and healthy.

And that’s where I dedicated my life to say, if I can do this, I want to encourage other people and motivate other people to do this. Um, well when Amber had her third child and we had her third child, um, she, uh, was really down on herself. She had gained a lot of weight. Um, and she lost 35 pounds within four months of having the baby. She was like, I am so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and overweight. Um, uh, and so, you know. She wanted it bad enough and she put herself around a little, of course me, but also the trainers we had, they’re very encouraging. Like the trainers at our gym in Topeka.

She got set up and worked with one of our guys. And she just nailed it and they had lost at 35 pounds. And so anyways, we want you to also feel comfortable in your own skin and feel confident. So surround yourself with people. It’s like I said, proverbs 13:20 the most awesome book in the world. The Bible says, walk with wise and you’ll become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. You become what you’re around. So surround yourself, the fitness tip with positive people. The action step, Amber, tell us the action step.

The action step is to sign up for a free trainer class. We’ve got different times throughout the week that are available. It’s free with your membership. Please take advantage of that. Um, sign up. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to get the results you want, which is why you’ve got a membership.

And another reason is we want our positive, upbeat, motivating staff to help you reach your fitness goals. You scroll through Facebook and watch the videos. We have tons of people that are losing weight, getting in shape, not paying any extra, as low as $5 a month to use our gym in Topeka or trainers, the tanning and massage, free instruction, idiot proof documents that are telling you exactly what to eat, what times do you, how much water to drink. I don’t know anybody that’s trained as many people had. Better success with general public fitness and weight loss.

And that’s what we dedicated our lives to, is doing that and making Jesus famous in our gym in Topeka. So we want you to watch this video and uh, see what Chloe does. She lost 15 pounds. The amazing meetings and testimony and you two will get these results. So surround yourself with positive people and we’ll see you next week.

My name is Chloe each recheck and I liked it. You guys are open 24 seven with my two jobs. That makes it very flexible for me. So that’s very helpful. And I love the positive staff. They keep me motivated. I love it. Very positive. No one is like judgemental, it’s, you know, we’re all here to work out, listen, wait, we’re all equal. The great deals. So I mean, you can’t get better deals here. Five bucks a month, 10 bucks a month. That’s self explanatory right there. I have lost 15 pounds since I started.