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Gym Joplin | Top exercises to lose weight | Colaw Fitness Podcast #186

Hey, we’re at Charles and Amber Colaw here with a fitness tip of the week. Yes, everybody loves all this guys. Great tips. So give us another tip. So we we’ve talked about before there’s weight loss and fat loss, but on the weight loss side, tell us what’s some of the best exercises to do for weight loss.

Okay. So a top tips to lose weight, um, far as an exercises. Well, number one, a lot of people that come to Colaw fitness, haven’t had a gym membership before, so you just want to get started and just starting walking is super important. So, um, just getting into the gym Joplin, starting to do at least 20 to 30 minutes of walking on a daily basis is a huge hit.

Um, and so walking is a great form of exercise. Yeah. If you have bad weather and so on, you can come in and use a treadmill. If you want to walk, you walk outside. Um, but the big thing is, is staying active a lot of time, a lot of step counting things you can do. There’s a lot of things, a lot of different programs. You can Google and check out for a walking programs, but it is a great thing.

Just start walking that can help with losing weight. Okay, next up on the list is jogging or running. This is where, um, if you’re not super heavy and it’s not hard on your knees or your ankles, your joints, you can run or jog. Um, and that’s another great way to just increase your basically intensity of movement.

And that’s from walking to jogging to rise or jogging or running is the next thing that I advise for people to just wanting to start exercising, to actually lose weight. Um, and, uh, third is cycling. Let’s say you have problems with your knees or ankles or joints. You have some joint pain.

I always recommend to clients as like GRA sit on it like a recumbent bike or an upright bike, and you can just pedal and that you can increase the resistance. So it’s difficult, but it doesn’t cause any pounding on your joints.

So it’s super joint friendly to do cycling also too. You can do it outside and if you want to go sightseeing in cycles. So getting a lot of, um, uh, getting your cardio heart rate up and so on, um, doing cycling is another great option. And lastly, which is my favorite, my favorite is weight to training. Okay. Weight training.

What I like about weight training is it doesn’t burn quite as much calories during the exercise, but it takes 72 hours or more to recover. So a lot of times you see the people that do the cardio all the time, they kind of stay the same shape.

They may lose some weight over time, but the ones that look lean and muscular tone hard, the weight trainers. And so they’re walking into the gym Joplin and they’re doing all the machines and they’re doing exercises on free weights.

But weight training is going to burn calories, not just during the time of your exercise. Let’s say you burn a hundred calories during a cardio session. Maybe you only burn to 70 calories during a weight training session, but it still takes two more days for the muscles to recover. Because when you work out, you actually cause what they call a microfiber tear.

And you ask to actually, uh, uh, the decrease, the glycogen, the energy in the muscle, and it takes several days to recover. So that of the muscles actually burns more calories in the long run. Um, weight training is great for fat loss and weight loss. So people check out, um, Y uh, those top tips, walking, jogging, or running, cycling, and then weight drain.

Now also go to one of our free classes to get on the CF 30 diet plan, the Colaw fitness, diet, and workout plan. Go in there, check it out. We have a CF-30 book. You can buy a book it’s only 10 bucks, and that will help you lose a lot of weight.

We’ve had thousands of clients lose lots of weight and get in great shape. Anyways, that’s the fitness tip, and this is Charles Colaw. And Amber Colaw, you guys have a blessed week. So you mentioned bye-bye.

gym Joplin

gym Joplin