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Gym Oklahoma City | Do crunches give me abs? | Colaw Fitness OKC

Hey, this is Charles and Amber Colaw here at the fitness tip of the week. Yes. We always make this guy give us a great fitness tip. So we’re today, we’re going to have you bust a myth. So bust the myth that people want to do. Lots of crunches and AB work to get better abs.

Okay. Basically, I mean, at some, the question of does doing crunches or AB work, does that give me washboard? Abs does that give me the cuts in my stomach that make me look like lean and sexy and toned? The answer is no. The reason why you can get really leaned out you work the muscles, but you have, you generally have a layer of fat that’s lying over it.

So if your fat layer is, let’s say two inches and you do a bunch of crunches, you do strengthen and build up the muscles underneath it, but you still can’t see it. It’s not until you actually eat a diet that forces your body use its own store. Body fat is energy that that fat layer decreases at the same time.

You can do crunches in the muscle increases, but as the muscle increases and the fat decreases, then you’ll start to see the bumps aligning your stomach. Does that make sense? So that way you can start to see, but you have to get the body fat low enough. So the way to do that is you have to follow a diet.

That’s going to force your body to start using its own fat as energy. And once it starts using his own fat as energy, you’re going to see the bumps and the cuts and the definition.

She said, it’s not like a targeted weight loss. So the more conscious I do, I’m not going to lose weight there, area working, and it will feel tighter and more firms. And so you’ll feel like it’s like leaner, but it isn’t necessarily reducing that fat on top of it.

So there’s, they’re both important, but by far apex 24 fitness and ASM Cooper Institute, and I’ve trained in tons of clients and bodybuilders shows the diet is 70 to 80% of it. And you have to have a diet that conducive that’s very conducive for fat loss.

So a lower carb, higher protein diet, and a great action. Step is pickup our C F 30 books. It’s idiot proof, simple to follow tells you what to eat and you’ll lose anywhere from 10 to 30 pounds of body fat guaranteed in 30 days.

So pick up, yeah, pick up the CF-30 book or call our customer service department and they’ll ship you one.
Yup. We can do that too. That’s the fitness tip. You guys have a blessed week. Talk to you next week. Bye. Bye.

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