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This content was written for Colaw Fitness.

Colaw Fitness is the only gym Topeka has that gives back as much as it does. If you want to be a part of something bigger while improving your own life then this is the place for you! You can stop by the gym anytime or give us a call at 785-409-8823 for more information today. Signing up for a membership here will improve your life and those around you. Also, we are affordable and good quality all in one so being a member here is a no brainer!

First, having a membership at our Colaw Fitness gym Topeka location will improve your fitness. Obviously having a gym membership will get you in shape. We have ways that encourage you to come frequently so you can actually start to see changes! We also offer free training so you can stay on track and know you’re doing the right thing for your body. You can sign up for these at the front desk. They are so frequent and spread out through the week so you can come even with a busy schedule. You can also tan for free with your membership so Colaw Fitness helps in that aspect too!

In addition to your physical fitness, Colaw Fitness is the only gym Topeka has that cares for your mental health too. There is a whole room full of massage chairs for you to relax in. And this is included in your membership as well! In addition to that, you can watch devotional videos on our TV screens throughout the facility. There is also positive and uplifting music always playing that improves your attitude even if you don’t notice it. You can get a free Bible at the front desk if you need one too.

Gym Topeka

Colaw Fitness is again the only gym Topeka has that lets you bring a friend for free. This is one way you can help improve someone else just by having your own membership! You can bring a friend for free for no extra charge every single day of the year! Whether that’s the same person each time or someone new is up to you. This makes working out so much more enjoyable and will also keep you and your friend accountable. Bringing a friend for free basically means you can have two memberships for the price of one!

Colaw Fitness loves to give back to members and their friends. One way they do this is member appreciation night! This is the first Monday of every month and we want the whole town to be there! There is free pizza for everyone and it’s always a great time. Anyone who gets three of their friends to sign up for a membership can win a year membership for free! This is probably the only gym Topeka has that provides pizza for their members. But everyone loves pizza and is allowed one cheat meal! You have nothing to lose by coming by and seeing how much Colaw Fitness appreciates each member.

Not only does your membership help you and a friend but also helps others on a global scale. The first dollar of every membership goes to build water wells in Africa! So for every person that gets a membership at our gym Topeka location the more water wells we can build. Colaw Fitness partners with Water for Life and Fight for the Forgotten which are both amazing programs that build the wells and connect us with the people who live there. Without these water wells, these communities do not have access to clean water so your membership makes a big difference to them!

The atmosphere is another way you can be a part of something bigger. You can’t find another gym Topeka has that is as happy as Colaw Fitness! The music makes a huge difference and the devotional videos do too. However, there are other videos that contribute as well. First, our member testimonials are encouraging and relatable because they come from real people like you. Additionally, there is footage from when some of our staff got to go build a water well that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Additionally, you’ll notice a lack of gym jerks at Colaw Fitness and that is for a reason! A gym jerk is someone who drops weights, makes loud noises, disturbs others, or has a show off attitude. This type of behavior is not allowed in our gym! It actually makes a really big difference and is why we have such an amazing atmosphere. You don’t have to fight that negative energy here so it is a safe and comfortable space for everyone to enjoy. Even if you’ve never been in a gym before we hope you feel right at home in ours.

Lastly, there are private showers at our gym Topeka location. This provides a safe and comfortable way for everyone to take care of themselves. It saves time in your day when you don’t have to go home and shower before work. Also, you don’t have to go home after a long day smelling like the gym either. However you work fitness into your schedule doesn’t have to be difficult with these private showers. You have your own space to get ready. The difference it has on individuals who take advantage of this changes the whole mood of the gym!

Colaw Fitness is the best gym Topeka has for every reason you can think of. Always feel free to call us at 785-409-8823 for any questions you have or to get more info. But better yet, stop in and say hi to our great staff! They would love to help you in person if you give them the chance. They can take you on a tour so you can get a better feel of how great our gym really is. This is a life changing decision for you, your friends, and others all the way across the world. What are you waiting for?