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Gym Topeka | Colaw Fitness Podcast #55 | Stop drinking your calories

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw. We’re here with the fitness tip of the week. Yes. Okay. So the fitness tip is stop drinking your calories. Okay. Give us a little bit more information on what it means to drink your calories and why that is or is not important. So a great fitness tip is to stop drinking your calories. I’ve had clients, I, one of my clients was, uh, working in a restaurant, drinking sweet tea all the time and just within points, sweet tea, cause he’s drinking probably a gallon and a half, two gallons, so a ton of sugar in that.

And so anyways, in about a month he lost 20 pounds, uh, with a a few changes in his diet and cutting out the sweet tea. I’ve had clients also, uh, with, uh, drinking like route 44, big 44 dr peppers and Cokes. But just pulling that out, we’ll drop about 15 to 20 pounds in a month if you’re drinking several large sodas a day.

Um, uh, for example, one 12 ounce can just 12 ounce can, is about 36 to 42 grams of sugar. And, uh, in a protein scoop, like if you have a protein scoop and have a protein container that scoops about this big and about that big around about that big round about that tall that’s got about 36, uh, sorry about 30 grams of protein in it. So each can of Coke has about that much sugar in each can. A big 44 ounce container has a ton of sugar.

Gym Topeke - Colaw Fitness

So you got to realize, you gotta stop drinking those calories, cut that sweet tea out, cut that sugar out, cut that, uh, all the regular sodas out of your diet and you’ll be in a pathway to losing body fat. Right? But part of that tip is, um, you always tell everybody you can always drink more calories than you can eat, so you don’t realize how much you’re taking in.

Yeah. So, and another thing is like Sumo wrestlers, they drink a lot of Apple juice. They mainly starve all day and drink a ton of Apple juice and then eat one large gorging meal. And that’s actually what helps them put on the most amount of fat. So drinking lots and lots of sugar calories. Like drinks, like sodas and sweet teas and uh, Apple juice and things like that. And that puts a lot of weight on you. So all of those calories out, cut the sugar calories out and you will lose weight. That’s fitness tip with Charles and Amber Colaw in the gym Topeka. We’ll see you guys next week. Bye bye. Bye.