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This content was written for Colaw Fitness.

The first Monday of the month is in just a few days! Hurry over to the Colaw Fitness gym Topeka location for member appreciation night! This is how Colaw Fitness shows how much they value their members. There is free pizza for everyone who comes in! Additionally, there are usually special deals on this night to save you money on your membership. If you get three friends to sign up on this night you’ll get a free membership for a whole year! This night is always so much fun for staff and members alike so make sure you don’t miss out on the hype! Can’t make it in? Just give us a call at 785-409-8823.

Member appreciation night is a great chance to see the amazing atmosphere in action. There is no other gym Topeka has that matches the positive energy that Colaw Fitness provides. Everything from the music to the staff to the no gym jerk policy and more are what make it so great. We want everyone to feel welcome here and excited to go to the gym every single day. How else are you going to reach your goals? This gym was created with beginners in mind so even the atmosphere is tailored to make first time gym goers comfortable.

A gym jerk is someone who makes loud noises, has a show off attitude, disturbs others, and drops weights. Gym jerks are not allowed in the gym Topeka Colaw Fitness. This behavior is distracting to others, discouraging for others, and intimidating to most. The gym is a better place without gym jerks in it. Instead, this atmosphere is one of community and encouragement. This allows for members and guests to want to come to the gym more often. We want you to be happy here so we do what it takes to ensure that happens!

Gym Topeka

The staff at our gym Topeka location is another reason why the atmosphere is so incredible. You will be happily greeted by them the first time you come in and every time after that too! They work to make connections with each member and genuinely care about you. In addition, the staff works hard to make sure you have everything you need for your workout. They clean all the equipment consistently and are there to help with whatever you need. They can answer any questions you have, give advice on your workout routine, and even provide you with a free Bible.

Lastly, Colaw Fitness’s gym Topeka has the best atmosphere because of the media it plays. The music is upbeat and positive. You can even hear it playing in the parking lot to put you in the mood as you walk up to the doors! It has a great beat to work out to and encouraging lyrics that will get you in a great mood. Additionally, on the TV screens throughout the gym are videos playing to motivate you in more ways than one. You can watch spiritual devotion videos, member testimonials about weight loss, and clips of staff building water wells in Africa.

That’s right! The Colaw Fitness gym Topeka builds water wells in Africa. The first dollar of your membership goes to two organizations that build water wells. These organizations are Water 4 Life and Fight for the Forgotten. They work hard to provide clean water for people who otherwise would not have access. Some of our staff had the incredible opportunity to travel to Africa and work on the water wells themselves! It was an amazing experience and you can now watch them in action as they use your membership to help others. It’s like killing two birds with one stone!

Also, your membership can help others in another way. You get to bring a guest for free every day! You can bring an unlimited number of guests as long as it’s only one person per visit. Or you can bring the same person each time too. That essentially means you can have two memberships for the price of one! And our prices are cheap too! All you have to do is check your guests in at the front desk when you come in and you’ll both be good to go. They have access to everything you do, including the free training.

Yes, at Colaw Fitness gym Topeka you get free training in your membership! And any guest you bring is free to participate as well. This is great for people new to working out or coming off a long break. You can sign up for the orientations at the front desk. They are offered multiple times throughout the day, every day, so it will always work with your schedule. These orientations show you the safest and most effective way to use the machines we have.

Speaking of always working with your schedule, did I mention the Colaw Fitness gym Topeka is open 24/7? That means you can come work out, tan, or massage at any time of the day or night! You can’t use the excuse of not having the time anymore because we are always open for you. Not only that, but we are staff 24/7 as well! If you have questions about your billing, need to purchase some of our awesome merch, or whatever else someone will be there to help you. This can especially be handy for nurses or any physically demanding job with crazy hours. Even if you’re too tired to work out when you get off you won’t be able to resist stopping by for a massage.

As you can see, Colaw Fitness is the best gym Topeka has in town. There are even more reasons than this! Check out our reviews online or watch the member testimonials to see the great things other people have to say about us. We are the highest review gym on google! In addition to that, feel free to call anytime at 785-409-8823 to talk to a spectacular customer service rep. Better yet, stop by the gym and see for yourself what we have to offer!