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Gym Topeka | Don’t skip meals | Colaw Fitness Podcast #152

Hey there, Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week for the strip. So you’re going to give us a little tip, but this question comes from this sweet college age girl who is super busy in her new college lifestyle and is finding that she’s not eating until almost dinner time at all. So why is it so important to not skip meals?

Great, great question. Okay. so today’s fitness tip or this week’s fitness tip is don’t skip meals. And the reason why for you not to skip meals is your body’s metabolism is basically speeds up when you consume a meal. So think of physically taking the meal, chewing it swallowing. It goes into your stomach.

Your stomach acids are produced, starts to break it down and then pushes it into your intestinal track. All of those muscles that push that food source through the intestinal tract absorbs through the intestinal wall, carries it to the liver.

The liver carries on glycolysis converge conversion of amino acids into glucose and, and Azores all of these different calories. All of that takes effort and work. So to hear all that. So what I’m saying is the chewing, the swallowing, the digestion, all that processing of food actually speeds up your metabolism.

And if you eat food, that’s like a higher protein, rich food or higher fiber, rich vegetables. So like a meat, vegetable type diet, those are harder to break down. So you physically chew it. It goes into your stomach. It breaks down and it goes through all that system. And you actually increase your resting metabolic rates.

You actually can get leaner by eating certain foods and also eating more frequently. So if every three hours, your metabolism is like a fire, like you can’t fight. And, and you wake up in the morning and say, you can’t fire. You don’t put any type of twigs or logs on it. The coals are going to get cold. So the coal, a little warm from last night.

Yeah. But now when we wake up and kind of get that fire going, and the coals are kind of like your metabolism, so you’re not putting anything on it. So it doesn’t really warm up that campfire. Doesn’t warm up those coals. But if every three hours you put three small logs on that campfire that can’t firewall stay nice and warm.

So you’re going to keep your metabolism going. You’re going to keep constant energy in your body and opposed to like waking up and not eating anything, going all day long, those coals will get cold. Then you wait till late in the day and then he’d take his massive tree trunk and you sit it on a bed, a coal because you’re starving at that point, eat a ton.

Then you throw up another big log. And what happens is, is your metabolism can’t process it. So then it goes into fat storage. So you want to keep your metabolism like those coals burning fast and going fast. Metabolizing the foods. So eating every three hours higher protein, rich foods is what we talk about in the CF-30 plan.

So if you’ve never been to the CF30, check out to see if that helps rev up your metabolism. You become a leaner, more fit, more toned version of yourself.

So super important for these young college kids with this new busy schedule, get up and eat breakfast. Don’t skip meals. So you guys next week. Bye. Bye and see you at the best gym Topeka offers.

gym Topeka

gym Topeka