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Gym Topeka | Fat Loss vs Weight Loss | Colaw Fitness Topeka

Hey, Charles and Amber Colaw out here with the fitness tip of the week. So we always pick this guys bring for some great fitness tips for you guys. We’re going to ask this, I think probably again, because I feel like we’ve talked about it periodically. But everybody gets really confused on what is the difference between fat loss and weight loss.

And I think a lot of people kind of see it as one thing. So tell us the difference. There is a difference fat loss of weight loss. So fat loss first for fat loss, you’re actually losing the ooey gooey soft fat, like on your butt, gut hips, thighs, the stuff that you grab. So it’s like between your muscle sort of your, like, like if you grab your it’s like what you can grab with your hand, that’s the subcutaneous body fat.

And when you lose fat, you’re mainly just focusing on the fat loss and weight loss is different because you’re actually focusing on just reducing your total body’s weight. Right? So like, for example, if you’re actually lifting weights and eating good, like a girl, like you may lose a little bit of fat and actually gain muscles. So they get really lean and toad looking. But on the scale they look the same or a guy that’s overweight may actually be chubby and have a gut and start working out and actually lose the fat and gain muscle.

And we stepped on the scale six months later, he’s got a V taper, he’s got to get a chest to get arms, get shoulders. And, and he’s actually the same way. So he’s the same way when it’s Chevy as he is when he’s fit and muscular. So you have to really understand that fat loss is really what most people are after. They’re really wanting to lose the fat and tone up the body at the same time.

Right. But sometimes they get hung up on that number on a scale. Yeah. Very, very, very often I’ve had clients come and say, I want, I want weight loss and want weight loss. I want to lose weight and I want to lose weight. And it’s like a girl that’s like 130 pounds. I’m like, you’re already really light you just wanting to tone up. Oh yeah. That’s what I mean. And so I go, what you want to do, lose loses fat and tone up at the best gym Topeka has to offer.

So that way you’re not kind of like a skinny fat girl, you’re more of a toned fit girl. So that’s really what you’re targeting. It’s a fat loss versus weight loss. Fat loss is losing the fat. It’s primarily fat and weight loss is just losing total body weight.

And I think there’s something good and understanding the difference because it can help your mind unhook from that addiction of wanting to see what the scale sets that that’s some parameter. Very good. Very good. Yeah. Exactly. A lot of people are super concerned with the scale. And a lot of times I’m saying, I’ll tell the client, like, here’s the deal. We’re going to lose some weight. Absolutely. But I’m going to be checking your body fat.

And I’m going to show you on a caliper. Like if we grabbed your stomach, it’s here at start. And then two weeks later, two weeks later, two weeks later next, you know, six weeks later that fat has gone from 30 millimeters to 10 and they can literally see how the skin folds and the rolls have reduced.

And a lot of people are super excited to actually see what they wanted, that actual fact to be lost and helping the client with the food and the, to do that. It’s extremely motivating, especially when they see that on a week by week basis. So yeah, it was great information. Thank you for clarifying. You guys have a wonderful week. We see you guys next week. Bye-Bye [Inaudible].

gym Topeka

gym Topeka