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Gym Topeka | Full body workout or body part split | Colaw Fitness Podcast #74

Hi, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week. And so the question that people had sent in is, is it better to do a full body workout or to do a body part split. Okay. Full body workout or a body part split. I um, well there’s two takes to that. Um, the first take is I the first take is number one. I have seen great results from both.

So both are very good. It’s basically doing it is more important than how you do it. So most people that just want general fitness and to lose weight and stay in shape or have a better shape that they feel comfortable in their own skin in both are can be very successful. Um, if you have time, like a lot of different times, sometimes you don’t have time to do, um, lots of different days throughout the week and body parts splits.

So you have to just throw in a total body work efforts, convenience. Uh, but if you, that was thrown out of the equation, I like body part splits to really focus on certain muscle groups and kind of like, like you’re trying to create your body to look a certain way like in bodybuilding or in a fitness competitions, they’re actually comparing your body against all these other people’s bodies and you’re trying to have the best looking physique and we all have a different shapes to our bodies.

And so we want to do this, try to create it in the best version of our that we can make ourselves. And when you would do body part splits, I can really focus on my shoulders in my shoulder with and I can focus on building my chest or my triceps to kind of build a different, um, more balanced physique that’s athletically pleasing.

So I like that cause I can actually build a custom workout for a client that will make, like if you’re a girl that really toned down the hips and thighs, then also stretch out the shoulder with which makes the waist tighter, the thighs smaller and really build a workout that’s going to help them. Look the most attractive fit version that they’re wanting to make themselves. So that’s why I like with body part splits. When you’re just doing total body workout stuff, a lot of times you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re getting everything in.

You’re going to be losing fat and gaining muscle. It’s great for stimulating metabolism, but it’s not as strategic. And that’s really the difference. One’s a little more strategic, one’s a little less strategic, but they’re both extremely beneficial. And that would be my fitness tip for the week. And we will see you guys next week. Have a blessed week that says Charles and Amber Colaw. Bye bye from the best gym Topeka offers.

Topeka Gyms Community January 2020 10

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