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Gym Topeka KS | Celebrity Diet | Colaw Fitness Podcast

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week. Yeah. So, um, tell us, you had, you read a great article and you wanted to share some of that information.

Yes. Okay. There’s an article on celebrity diets on us magazine.com. I went through that, a lot of new popular stuff, but there’s three different diets are going to talk about one’s low carb, intermittent fasting, and one is a paleo based diet. And, um, they’re, they’re very popular.

Low carb diets are basically when you lower your breads cereals, grains and fruits, and you lower that and you increase the higher protein, um, in the body. And what happens is, is your body then flips over. If it’s not getting carbs, carbs is like your body’s favorite source of energy. It gives you glucose to the blood.

If you don’t give it that your body then has to switch over to its own fat as energy. And so you’re still eating enough protein, but you’re also lowering the carbs to force your body, to use your own fat as an energy substrate.

So, and that is the low carbon. I talk about how well it works and it is very beneficial. Um, uh, that’s the low carb diet. So you can type in on Google glow, carb diets and kind of learn a little bit yourself. Another thing is intermittent fasting.

This is where you have periods of time that you do a fast, and then you eat all your calories in a shorter period of time. And that also shows to, you know, reduce the cork intake officer, your body can’t store as much when you’re not eating all throughout the day.

So this is where there’s different options. You can look at it to type in intermittent fasting. You can learn more about it, but a lot of people have lost a lot of weight off of doing some intermittent fasting as well. So that’s another option that you can check out.

Um, and then the last one is the paleo based diet. This is basically think of 150 years ago. I live in Oklahoma. Um, you don’t, you wouldn’t see like cookies, cakes and ice cream growing out of the ground on the Prairie. You’d have some sort of lean animal that’s running. So you have to hunt it or you had five fish for it.

So, um, and then you had to have like vegetables or some sort of ground-based vegetation. It’s a, either a high fiber plant-based diet STEM stock or leaf based diet. And then also lean, um, quality proteins like fish because you’d hunt or forestry fish or hunt for it.

And so the low carb, higher fiber, rich vegetables, and the payload based diet really, really hits on like a paleolithic, like a hundred gatherer type diet. So those diets are really more, um, uh, more, more, more healthy, natural based foods.

And so paleo is great. Um, they have nuts and seeds that they use as well. So check out paleo based diets, low carb diets and intermittent fasting diets. Great options for you to check it out. If you don’t, if you don’t have, uh, if you don’t want to do that, you can also just go to one of our free CF 30 classes, Colaw Fitness, 30 day diet workout plan.

We’ve got information with our free trainer. They can actually give you a free diet and a free workout plan for free at Kohler fitness. So come to Colaw fitness, join, check it out and get in our free trainer classes and learn. And they’ll give you an actual diet, a Mindfreak template to follow and what to eat and how you too can be successful.

So anyways, this is Charles Amber Colaw for the fitness tip. You guys have a week, we’ll see you next week. Bye-bye bye-bye [inaudible].

Best gym Topeka KS

Best gym Topeka KS