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Gym Topeka KS | How to stay fit during the holidays | Colaw Fitness Podcast #59

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here with Santa, he’s dropped in.Oh yes.
Is he, I think he has a question for you. And we’d like some fitness tips on how to lose a little tummy over the holidays. So tell us, give us some fitness tips when we’re going to head to holiday parties. A lot of that going on. It’s Christmas. People are gonna head to Christmas parties with family, new year’s parties. How do we stay on a diet? How do we continue to lose over that period of time where we’re going to lots of parties and trying to stick with the program?

Well, it’s easy to say no when you’re not super hungry. So when you go to an event, I always tell people to eat before you go. So eat a good portion of meat, vegetables or like a protein shake and water before you go and then go. And that way you’re not as hungry and the smells and all that stuff doesn’t just totally captivate you and just want to totally binge out. So that’s the fitness tip for the first part of that.

Um, and always when you’re there choosing the lower glycemic options as much as possible. And that is of course, meat and vegetables and that type of option. And, uh, eating around, um, the, the, the, the white flour and the sugar. All those are the ones that really, the sweets, they’re the ones that really get you the most. So, yeah. But that, yeah, that’s the fitness tip for the holidays.

Yes, and try to eat a little something before you go. Probably a protein shake so you’re not so hungry. And like for us, we’ll try to eat, eat all your meats and vegetables first. Try to hurry and get that plate in before you allow yourself to smell all the good stuff that’s waiting. Yeah. Like I said, it’s easier to turn things down if you’ve already fairly satisfied. So that’s fitness tip. This is Charles and Amber Colaw. Have a blessed week. We’ll see you guys next week. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Love you. Bye.

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