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Gym Topeka KS | Lisa lost 8 lbs | Colaw Fitness Topeka Gym

Hey, this is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw today. We’re going to give you a win of the week and a notable quotable from this wonderful, beautiful woman. My wife, Amber. And, uh, so the wind of the week, this week is Lisa. Lisa has lost eight pounds in only two weeks.

That is a super fast turnaround like two weeks and you’ve lost eight pounds. Yes, she’s crushing it. She loves her environment. She loves, um, uh, she went and through the free trainer stuff, the free trainer stuff’s helped her lose eight pounds in just two weeks.

And she went through the orientations, listened to her testimony at the end. Yeah. Amber give us a notable. Okay. It’s a really short one. Turn your should into a must. So just like Lisa you’ll listen to her testimony. She talks about, um, she had thought about coming into the gym and had never done it.

And she turned that I should go to the gym into a, I must go to the gym. So even in her thinking, her thinking has changed. And so now she’s coming to the gym on a regular basis and she’s down eight pounds in two weeks. So that should turn to a must get you the results and changes in life that you want.

Check out her testimony right after this. This is the wind of the week is chosen. Agricola yep. Bye-bye. Bright, warm environment. The people were very welcoming and it’s just low key. Well, initially I was in November and I didn’t come because I was intimidated because I didn’t know what to do or how to do it or what, I didn’t have a plan.

But when you join, you go through orientation and you’re paired up with the train, all the machines to do them and your height, and they just go through all their machines with you. So it’s less intimidating. So not coming and not being a member. You’re missing out on a really great healthy lifestyle.

I just started two weeks ago, but I’ve lost eight pounds. I have a lot more energy. And I’m actually at a point now where I want to come to the gym because I’m seeing results. Also it just makes you feel better as a person. And if you’re social, there’s quite a few people here with [inaudible].

gym Topeka KS

gym Topeka KS