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Gym Topeka KS | Why do you need olive oil | Colaw Fitness

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here at the fitness tip of the week. Yeah. Okay. We’ve heard this crazy thing about how good extra Virgin olive oil is for you. So tell us why, what are the benefits of olive oil?

Great extra Virgin olive oil. It’s basically the oil that’s pressed out of all of us, and it’s not processed much. It’s extra dark bottle, like the extra, make sure you get the one. This is extra. That dark bottle. One has a lot of really good antioxidants and the oxidants help fighting. It’s like cancer and old ton of different health issues and problems in the body. It’s got some really great vitamins in it. It helps with digestion.

I actually like it because it actually works for me. Kind of like a, like an antiacid and it actually helps me in lots of different ways. Like I actually like it the most because I put it like a tablespoon of extroversion olive oil into my protein shakes blended up that will find way peptide digest and permeates to the intestinal tract quick. So you think of like the powder of the thin powder, you put it in your shake.

It’s very, very thin you mix it up, you drink it and that fine powder can permeate through that intestinal wall and go through your stomach and it digest really quick, just being in water. Right? And then if you take that oil and add that oil to it, it kind of like that Pepto Bismal, commercial coach, your stomach, those oils mix with those way, peptides is a little ground up a way, the powder.

And then that’s coach your stomach and coach your intestinal track and it absorbs slower. So it’s like an extended release, high biological available protein source. It’s really good. Protein slows down. Digestion helps with hunger. You have pressure sensors and density receptors in the stomach. You don’t have that density without the oil and the shake and you do have it.

So it’s going to help curb hunger helps extend the protein release in the body. It kind of times out the amino acid profiles that releases in the body. So great, great digestive protein type benefits. I have that in my [inaudible] book. I tell you guys to put that in the, in the shakes I’ve been doing that. It’s awesome. My health is better joints. It helps my joints. I feel a lot better. My joints just so many overall.

Yeah, there’s anti-inflammatory effects. It helps with inflammation. Tons of studies. You can type in benefits of olive oil on Google and research. It it’s a great product to add. I encourage clients like girls to add about half a tablespoon, to like a, a one or two scoot protein, shake, high skies to do a full tablespoon into like a two to four scoot protein shake, trying to put more size on.

But anyways, that’s a great thing you can add to your shakes. Extends the delivery. That really sucks. Like kinda like a, like a, like a case in protein at like extends a release, but not a whole lot by higher biological value. Biological means is going to be utilized in the body more efficiently. So dark bottle extra-virgin okay.
Well, a lot of health benefits that it gets good. Fatty acids.

Yeah. Great fatty acids. Yeah, just there’s a plethora. Your body actually needs healthy fats. It’s actually to have certain types of fats in the body and it’s just a great product. I am huge in cooking. You can cook with it, but read about the benefits, check it out. That’s my height. That’s my fitness tip for you guys. Check that out. This is Charles and Amber Colaw. You guys have a great week. We’ll talk to you next week. Bye. Bye.

gym Topeka KS

gym Topeka KS