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Gym Topeka | There are so many benefits in this gym

content written for Colaw Fitness.

If you are looking for a gym Topeka, look no further! Colaw Fitness is the place for you. This fitness center offers everything you are looking for and more! We are open 24/7 so you can stop by anytime to get a tour or sign up for a membership. Also, always feel free to call us at 785-409-8823 for any questions you may have. Where else can you find a gym where two people can work out, tan, and massage for as low as $5 a month? Not to mention the free training and private showers and bathrooms. A high quality gym with a low cost membership.

Colaw Fitness is the highest reviewed gym on Google. Additionally, it has won best weight loss center and best place to exercise. Everyone loves coming here and we know you will too! There is a reason we are the highest reviewed gym Topeka has to offer. Other than the price and the services we offer there is no other gym quite like ours. Once you see the quality of the equipment and the gym overall you will understand why Colaw Fitness has won these awards.

You can become a part of the best gym Topeka and see what all the hype is about! Colaw Fitness has two different memberships you can choose from for whatever fits you best. The most popular is the reward plan which is $1 down and $5 a month. For every month you come into the gym at least 12 times you only have to pay five dollars! We want to reward members for coming in more often with a lower price! This membership is a great way to motivate yourself to come to the gym even when you do not want to. Twelve times a month is only three times a week!

Gym Topeka

Additionally, the other membership offered at our gym Topeka is the flat rate plan. No matter how often you come to the gym your bill is only $10 a month! This plan is great if you have a busy schedule and do not know how often you will be able to come in. It is also good for predictable billing because it will never change. Sometimes getting to the gym can be difficult with kids and work and other responsibilities so this way you will not get charged extra. Also, you can switch memberships at any time if something changes and you want to be on the reward program.

Colaw Fitness is an all inclusive gym Topeka. This means that you have access to everything the gym offers. No matter which membership you choose to sign up for you can work out, tan, massage, have free training and bring a friend for free. One membership is not better than the other because they both offer all of the same things. All you have to do is scan your membership card at the desk when you walk in. The only difference between the two is the payment schedule that works best with your lifestyle! If you sign up for one and decide the other might work better you can always switch at the front desk.

Therefore, one amazing thing about Colaw Fitness is that each dollar of your membership helps others! Colaw Fitness partners with Water4Life and Fight for the Forgotten. These companies build water wells in Africa for communities that do not have access to clean drinking water. Having a membership at our gym Topeka helps you and other people! Colaw Fitness is impacting the world with each person who gets a membership there. Both Water4Life and Fight for the Forgotten are great companies that have already changed lives with the help of Colaw Fitness. Check out the TV screens in the gym next time you are there to see footage of Colaw Fitness employees building one of the water wells and see how amazing it is for yourself!

Coming to the gym shouldn’t break the bank which is why either membership you sign up for is so affordable. Additionally, you can bring a friend for free! That essentially means that it is a two for one membership. Two people can work out, tan, and get a massage every day of the year for the price of one! Your friend can even participate in the orientations too! You can bring the same person every day or a new friend each time you visit. Just make sure to stop by the front desk and get your guest signed in.

If you look at our numerous google reviews you will see that one thing everyone loves is the atmosphere. Colaw Fitness has the best atmosphere of any gym Topeka has. There is uplifting music playing as soon as you walk in that has a great beat so you can work out to it too. No worries if you forgot your headphones! The staff is also spectacular and will greet you every time you walk through the door. They want to get to know you so feel free to stop and say hi! Physical fitness is always easy to achieve when you are surrounded by people who know and support you.

If you still are not convinced Colaw Fitness is the place for you, come in sometime with a friend to try it out! Maybe you do not already know someone with a membership and that is okay too! Stop in to get a guest or day pass and try it out for yourself! Guests who come in without a current Colaw Fitness member still have access to everything the members do but only for a limited period of time. They are just as affordable as the memberships and are great for when you are traveling or do not yet have a Colaw Fitness in your area.

Consequently, Colaw Fitness is the one gym Topeka has that you do not want to miss out on! We are open 24 hours and 7 days a week so come by anytime! You can sign up for a membership, take a tour, or get more information. Call 785-409-8823 to speak to one of our staff now!