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Gym Topeka | Top 3 Fitness Tips | Colaw Fitness Topeka

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week. Yep. So we know every day, every week we’ve got somebody new watching. Who’s just starting their fitness journey. So if they missed other videos we’ve done, what are three really quick, good, important fitness tips that they can use to start their journey today. Okay.

Three simple tips to get started for your fitness journey to be more fit and in shape. So number one is your food. Number one, food is super important. You are what you eat. Apex 24 fitness and ASM Cooper Institute all around the country have gone to different certifications for training.

And they say anywhere from 70 to 80% of your success is your food. So you need a food plan, a mind-frame template that tells you exactly what to be doing and how to follow it, how to cook it, how to prep it and how to follow it. Okay. That’s number one is food. That’s the nutrition part. Yeah, food nutrition. Okay at the gym Topeka offer.

Number two is I would say the weight training or the, the, the the, the, the strength training component of it. Why? Because strength training is so important for the body. It speeds up your metabolism.

It takes 40, 48 to 72 hours to recover. So when you do weight, train your base, your, your metabolic rate is actually increased in recovering even when you’re not working out. So you weight train. It takes two to sometimes four days to recover from that workout.

So the calories you eat are utilized towards lean tissue, and it actually helps speed up a ketosis or a fat metabolization as your body actually metabolizes fat more efficiently when you’re weight training or resistance training. So, number one is food. Number two is a resistance training program. Getting a template, a mind training document to follow that tells you when and what to do.

And so on. Number three, number three component is going to be your cardio. That’s your heart health cardios answer, cardiac heart and respiratory lung, or they say cardiovascular. So it’s heart and vein vascular means vein.

So cardiac heart and lung, heart, and vein health. That is so important to the, for circulation. So everything in the body comes down to circulation. You get a cut on your arm. Your body has to circulate the health, the nutrition through the bloodstream that helps with the proteins to rebuild and repair damaged tissue. You’re sick. So the circulatory health good circulation helps with so many things for fighting infection, diseases, everything in the body.

So heart health is so important. And lung health is so important. So especially after coming out of COVID people learn how important like how, how dangerous it can be. And one thing is working out cardio for your immune system, your immune health, all that stuff is hugely improved through these three components. So cardio and cardio actually can help speed up fat loss. A lot of people will jump on a treadmill or a bike or elliptical to help burn fat faster.

So the top three things I tell people they need to do is get their diet in check, okay, get on a good resistance training program. And then three making sure they’re really hitting their cardio routine for their heart health and to help with weight management and so on. So those are the top three tips. And visit the gym Topeka and start for $1 down.

Go ahead. All right. So if we were to wrap all three of those tips together into one place, Where can they get all that to start is a great spot for you. We actually, Amber and I have written a book it’s called [inaudible] it’s K it stands for Colaw fitness, 30 to CF 30 book it’s in all of our clubs, just go in the club and ask about the CF 30 book.

It’s a workout nutrition and cardio templates. So it’s going to tell you exactly what to do to be successful. It’s a mind-frame document. It’s literally tells you what to eat, what times to eat, what workouts to do and so on. And we also have a free trainer that can actually walk you through for free on how to follow that journal.

So in a lot of people you see on these wins of the week are people that if you like Google Colaw fitness results on YouTube or a Colaw fitness, like weight loss, you can see thousands of people that have lost weight. Following these principles that are in this book. So highly encourage you to grab the book, follow it for 30 days, lose some weight, getting a lot better shape.

That’s the top three tips I’ll give you so that you can be successful on your fitness journey. And that’s, that’s this week’s fitness tip. You guys have a blessed week. Huh? Bye-Bye [inaudible].

gym Topeka 3.12.21

gym Topeka 3.12.21