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Gyms in Arlington | Awesome Offerings at Awesome Price

This content was created for Colaw Fitness.

Are you looking for new gyms in Arlington? Check out Colaw Fitness’ new location in Arlington, Texas. With all inclusive memberships starting as low as five dollars per month, it is hard to beat such great big benefits at such an incredibly low price. In fact, at Colaw Fitness, two people can workout, tan, get massage, receive free instruction, and use our locker rooms for as low as five dollars per month. Do yourself a favor and come in today to check it out. Call 918-331-0404 for more details!

So what makes Colaw Fitness one of the best gyms in Arlington? Lots of things do but don’t just take our word for it. You can hear from our very own members what they love most. Check out our YouTube for more information. Just based on what they say, they will tell you our staff is friendly, the atmosphere is great, the price is awesome, and so much more. In fact, we offer such a wide variety of benefits, let’s just talk about a few.

Is your main objective fitness? Then see how Colaw Fitness sets our members up for success. Colaw Fitness offers a variety of equipment, including cardio equipment, resistance machines, and free weights. We want our members to get the most out of their workouts. Therefore, we offer free orientation for both cardio equipment as well as resistance machines. To get the best results, you need to use the equipment and remain consistent.

Gyms in Arlington

Speaking of consistency, at Colaw Fitness consistency pays off. For instance, if a member attends our facilities at least twelve days per month, then they qualify to get their all inclusive membership for as low as five dollars per month. That means if members average three days per week. Being consistent with your workouts will help you reach the fitness goals but also get a great rate. To make the consistency possible, Colaw Fitness facilities are open twenty four hours per day, seven days per week.

We suggest that you pick a time that will work for your schedule and be able to commit. Try working out the same time every day so that your mind and body build that healthy routine. If you need a break from the workout that day, then no problem. Still come to the gym and utilize our awesome massage units. More on that later though.

If you want a little extra accountability, then you should know that all Colaw Fitness memberships include bringing a friend for free too. Isn’t that incredible? Your friend can attend the free orientations, use the equipment, tanning units, massage units, and even the locker rooms, just like members do too!

Let’s talk about the extra things we offer that you might not find at all gyms in Arlington. How about our free tanning and massage units? Colaw Fitness offers stand up and lay down tanning units. We also keep tanning goggles and lotions available for purchase at the front desk at any time, for you convenience. Furthermore, our massage units make for a really relaxing experience too. Each location has some variation of massage unit.

You will find either massage chairs, loungers, or massage beds. Regardless, they will be similar in fashion and worth the try! Another awesome perk about Colaw Fitness is that we do not require appointments to use our tanning or massage units. It is a first come, first serve basis. So if you walk by a massage lounger that is open, maybe it is calling your name and you should give it a try. Enjoy!

What about Colaw Fitness locker rooms? Well, our locker rooms are another added convenience. Our locker rooms are available for members and their guests. They are included in all memberships. We do not assign lockers or locks. Colaw Fitness does welcome you to bring your own lock from home if you prefer to lock up your belongings. Nonetheless, know that you are able to use our locker rooms. We conveniently offer this benefit so that our members can grab a workout before work, during a lunch break, or after work on the way to their next event. We know life can be really busy so it is important to squeeze in the workout where you can. So we suggest working out the same time every day to develop your healthy habit of working out.

Furthermore, know that all members have access to all of our locations. Colaw Fitness loves to expand. We are currently open in five locations across four states. Our Oklahoma locations include Oklahoma City and our original location, Bartlesville. Kansas location is Topeka. Joplin is our Missouri location. Of course, we are open in Arlington, Texas too. Members can attend any of these facilities and it will count toward the twelve days per month to qualify for the low priced membership. Their guests may also attend with them to any of these facilities. It is easy to keep track of your attendance through our online member portal. You can easily see when and where you checked in. If you have any questions about the online member portal, give our friendly customer service department a call. They would be so happy to help you.

Another thing members like to rave about is our positive atmosphere. Our company was founded with Christian principles. As such, we feel like ultimate positivity would be to spread the joy through the love of Christ. Therefore, we stream Christian music for all members to hear while they are in our facilities. We have also strategically placed words of affirmation around the gym so that you can be reminded you are worth it and that you can absolutely do this. You might not get that at other gyms in Arlington.

In conclusion, check out one of the newest gyms in Arlington, Colaw Fitness. Remember, two people can tan, workout, get massages, use locker rooms, and attend free instruction too all for as low as five dollars per month. At Colaw Fitness, we believe you are worth it and hope you do too! Give us a call today at 918-331-0404.