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Gyms in Arlington TX | Find the best encouragement at Colaw Fitness

article was written for Colaw Fitness

Colaw Fitness located in Arlington TX, is very different from all those other gyms that you are used to seeing. You will find the best encouragement at Colaw Fitness, regardless of your current fitness level or your current fitness goals. If you’re wondering who the best gyms in Arlington TX are, then wonder no more, the best is Colaw Fitness! Colaw Fitness has everything you need and it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or if you’re a regular. Colaw Fitness has the lowest membership prices in town, and well as the best perks just for being a member!

The staff at Colaw Fitness are always super-friendly and encouraging whenever you visit, and they always give great advice. You can tell that the staff really love seeing all the members and visiting with them on a daily basis. You can always ask a question to the staff members, and they are always happy to give you the answer. The staff also run the training and nutrition classes, which are fun and make excerising and nutrition much less intimidating. You’ve got to come visit Colaw Fitness and see why they’re the best of all the gyms in Arlington TX.

For anyone who is starting out or is looking for new advice, the staff puts on free training instruction classes! The classes are split up into three different classes and they are upper body, lower body, and abs and cardio. The staff will walk you over every machine for those body parts, and show you how to set them up. They even have you do a set or two to help you pick the right weight for your workout plan. They even give you a free workout plan, which is something the other gyms in Arlington TX don’t always do.

You can always ask the staff any questions outside of the classes, but the classes are very educational to take! Even if you’re a beginner, they help you feel motivated and encouraged like you can do it and it’s easy! Something else the staff does that other gyms in Arlington TX don’t do, is they put on free nutrition classes. Nutrition can be very intimidating when you’re starting out, but the staff at Colaw Fitness break it down for you. They make it easy to understand and give you a free packet, and you’re on your way to getting healthier.

Gyms in Arlington TX

You are guaranteed to lose 10 to 30 pounds of body fat in 30 days, if you follow the nutrition. You get sample meal plans and it’s so easy that you will never feel hungry and will always be eating. Just imagine to be able to eat lots of food and still lose a bunch of weight in 30 days! Other gyms in Arlington TX don’t offer free nutrition instruction and definitely not at our rates taht we offer you. The best part of the training and nutrition instruction, is that they’re free with every membership here at Colaw Fitness.

You get tons of other free benefits as a member at Colaw Fitness, and they’re memberships are the cheapest around. They’re cheapest membership starts with just $1 down and is only $5 a month if you visit them 12 days. You just show up 12 or more days every month, and you will pay a discounted rate of only $5! Other gyms in Arlington TX aren’t doing deals like this, or encourage you to pay a cheaper monthly rate either. Signing up only take a couple of minutes, and you will be on your way to living a healthier lifestyle.

If you love having your privacy, then you are going to really love another benefit of a Colaw Fitness membership. Colaw Fitness offers private restrooms and private showers for all of the members and guests who come into the facility. You get the luxury of having a room with a single restroom and single shower, so you keep your privacy! You won’t ever have to worry about any awkward experiences in any locker rooms here, because of the private rooms. Colaw Fitness still has lockers to use here, and all you will need is to bring a lock from home.

Another really cool thing that Colaw fitness does, is they had member appreciation night the first Monday of every month. You can stop by between 4 and 8 PM, and they will give you free pizza just for stopping by. Also, if you refer three friends to sign up one of those nights then you get another really awesome benefit. They will give you a whole year for free, just for bringing them three people on the member appreciation nights. Not only is every benefit for free, but you can actually win free stuff because of the benefits as well.

You will never find a better gym that is friendlier, encouraging, and wants to give you as much free stuff. Not only that, no other gyms are rewarding their members every month by having them pay a cheaper monthly rate. Colaw fitness is the whole package that you will need, because of everything they have to offer in their gyms. Did you know that Colaw fitness also offers you the chance for free tanning and free massage is every single day? That is an awesome benefit, and most gyms won’t let you do this for free if they even offer it.

To top it all off, you can bring a friend for free with you everyday as a Colaw fitness member. Your friend can, as many times as they want with you for free, or you can bring different friends. Two people will have full access to Colaw fitness just like members, and this benefit cannot be beaten anywhere. You need to come by Colaw fitness in Arlington Texas today to sign up, which only takes a few minutes. Come by and visit us today at 3803 S Cooper St Unit 120 in Arlington TX, you won’t be disappointed.