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Gyms in Joplin | Have You Heard What They’re Saying?

content written for Colaw Fitness

Have you heard what they’re saying? Of all the gyms in Joplin, Colaw Fitness is the highest and most reviewed EVER! We want you to know why and you’ll agree. Come take a tour right now and see in person all the exciting things you’ve read are true. Give us a call right now at 417-437-9345. If after hours, please, leave a message. We will call you right away during regular business hours. We love to share all that we offer because it seems to good to be true somehow.

What do you see the most on reviews for Colaw Fitness? Great staff. Our staff is our most valuable asset inside the facility. Greeting everyone through the door with a smile and a bright attitude toward helping each one. In these difficult and busy times, customer service is definitely not what it used to be. Happy employees are hard to find wherever we go. People are clocking in and clocking out and the next paycheck could be gone. However unfortunate this may be, our philosophies nurture a faith-based environment. Our employees enjoy coming to work, because they get involved. We are fortunate enough to be blessed with incredible people. It is true to believe when you read it. This positive energy will envelop you the moment you stop by to peek in at what else we offer.

Of all the gyms in Joplin, we consistently read the word “clean” in our reviews. Bring your white gloves and believe it for yourself. We clean every minute of the day. A staff member can give you a personal tour at 3am. Then you will know about the staff and the cleaning all at once. Health issues are a top concern for us. As a fitness facility, it’s not just about coming in to workout. We know you need air circulation and sanitization. Our facility is constantly being not only cleaned, but disinfected. Cleaning stations are conveniently located for your convenience, as well.

Many people also write about how easy it is to sign up. They also love our incentives to maintain their goals. We like to let you know that you are never alone at Colaw Fitness. Not only is our wonderful staff there for you, so are your friends. We want you to bring a guest with you, without charge, every time you workout. Maybe your parents need to get back into fitness? Perhaps it’s time to start the kids on a great program? Anyone 12 or older is encouraged to be introduced to the life extension of fitness. The fountain of youth resides within our walls because we care.

What else can Colaw Fitness say to make you believe we are the best of the gyms in Joplin? We can get you in the door and on membership within minutes. Nothing difficult required. We can cover our memberships with you and all the benefits within moments of entering. We will be taking your photograph, so don’t be surprised! That benefits security for your membership, as well as your facility. We monitor everyone entering and parking on our lots with both security cameras and live staff 24/7. We care about your safety and health above all. You should have no worries while you workout. Come in and relax in clean comfort with peace of mind. We offer the latest mix of different genres of faith-based music, but wifi is available for your convenience.

As gyms in Joplin go, we can even offer you pay as low as $5 a month. Which, on its’ own, is a heck of a bargain. When you add in the benefits completely, it pays you way more than that. Not to mention the benefits for your body. Once a month we even feed you dinner. We offer Member Appreciation Night and partner with local restaurants. We sign up new members and celebrate the achievements of current members. This party allows us all to celebrate life and fitness. You can even bring in friends to sign up and get a FREE YEAR membership for yourself. Go take a tour and find out when the next party is. Get the details about how to get your entire year on us!

Like all the gyms in Joplin, we have the fitness equipment you know and love. We offer an aerobic area with yoga mats provided. Here we have kettlebells, stretch bands, exercise balls, medicine balls, and so much more. We have all the best of ellipticals, treadmills, recumbent and upright bicycles. Our circuit training is a great way to strengthen your entire body with little inside gym knowledge. Each machine has the ability to show you exactly how it works with the scan of your smartphone. We have a great free weight section and mirrors everywhere to help you keep your form and watch your progress.

Some of our members only use our amazingly relaxing massage area. Imagine how great it is at the end of the workday to relax in a full body massage chair. We offer hydromassage tables that let you control every aspect of your massage. Helpful not only for keeping muscles relaxed after a workout but good daily as a stress reliever.

There can’t be any hesitation left by now, surely. What more could we tell you about Colaw Fitness being the best of all gyms in Joplin? One thing people really seem to be crazy about is the fact that we have no locker rooms. We have personal lockers available to use while you workout. Also offer private showers in most of our restrooms. We don’t want anything to keep you from all we have to offer. If you are truly relaxed, in a calm, safe, clean environment, you can focus all your thought and energy on your own personal goals. Think about where you are with health and where you long to be. Let us help you reach them in every way because we care.

Furthering our reputation as the best of all gyms in Joplin, free trainer sessions are available to help you learn what you need to know to feel better about your fitness. Health and fitness are so closely connected. We know it all depends on you ultimately. We want to give you every excuse in the world to workout! Want you to look forward to coming to Colaw Fitness. Want your experience to be the best thing you do for yourself every day. Be it getting a golden tan or a full massage, it’s all about you. Our trainers work with members at various levels of fitness and can help you with yours. Call us today at 417-437-9345 and let us make a believer out of you.