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Gyms in Joplin | How to stick to a diet | Colaw Fitness Podcast #130

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week. Yes. So tell us how to stick to a diet. How to stick with a diet. Okay. Four simple tips. Okay. Step one. Or tip one is going to be, make sure that you plan and make your meals the night before. So step one is plan and make your meals the night before.

Why? Because in the morning you’re busy, you rush off and you don’t have a plan. You have. So if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. So if you fail to plan, you’re already setting yourself up the next day to have failure. You’re going to be too busy or something’s going to get awry. So make sure you prep the meals and make the meals the night before. Okay.

That’s step one. Step two is going to be making sure that you schedule out all your meals and then you put a timer on your phone that it tells you and remind you. So have a reminder. So you want to schedule it because if it doesn’t get scheduled. It doesn’t get done.

Does it get done? So schedule it to make sure that it gets done and put a timer on your phone. So it beeps, and then you can run, grab your meal each or meal. Okay. why? Because 70 to 80% of your success is your dietary guidance and the nutrition plan you’re following.

So what you look like 70 to 80% of your success, apex 24 hour fitness and ASM Cooper Institute. All these different certifications that I’ve gone to and training classes. So we’ll talk about the importance of food. So scheduling it, cause then it will get done and you’ll be successful. That’s step number two.

So step three is no under eating. Why? Well, when you get hungry, your emotions get high and you say to heck with this diet plan and you don’t want to stick with it. So what you want to do is make sure that you’re following your plan.

You’re not under eating your meals. You’re actually following all your meals. If you do get hungry, just eat a little bit more of those States saying components and the types of diets that I write. There’s really an unlimited amount of certain types of foods, which are going to be the lean proteins and high fiber based vegetables that you’re never going to say.

I got so fat off an extra chicken breast, or I got so fat after an extra cup of broccoli, but those types of food have a lot of grace and you can, you can eat more of that and not blow your diet and not let your emotions get out of control and fall off track. Step number four, step number four is going to be keeping a journal, logging it as holding yourself accountable on a journal plan.

So if you’re writing it down, keeping it on track and really kind of scoring yourself and keeping a track record of what you’re eating. You’re going to be a lot more on success. You’re going to see what you ate the night, the week before the day before you’re going to be really on track for success.

So that’s journaling all of your meals and so on. So that’s the four tips for success. Okay. And Amber is going to give us some action steps so that you too can be successful on those four components.

Yeah. Okay. So step number one, your action step is go to the club, sign up for the free C of 30 class or purchase the CF 30 journal, which is available in all of our, or you could contact customer service and they can get you a book and get it shipped out to you pretty quickly. And also step number two, action.

Step is to go to YouTube, watch all of our testimonial videos there and listen to other people who’ve gotten,
Excuse me, gotten results. And that’s how you stick to a diet. Yep. So this is Charles and Amber Colaw. You guys have a great week and see you soon at gyms in Joplin.

gyms in Joplin

gyms in Joplin