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If you’re looking for gyms in Joplin MO, you may come across Colaw Fitness. This company was started by Charles and Amber who are unmarried couples that was fit this in Jesus. Their goal is to change lives and share the name of Jesus. The only people the best and most uplifting environment to work out and glorify God. They have five different locations and so the best benefits you can get from a gym for the lowest price.

The journey all started back in 2005 training out of there . It all got a little crazy always in their own gym and that’s when Colaw Fitness was born. They continue to grow their gym for the New Year’s which is now turn into five locations in four different states. They have been voted the best fitness center for nine years in a row and love the journey that they have gone on. They’ve seen so many other members improve over time and get back on healthy lifestyle. They are easily one of the best gyms in Joplin MO.

Some of the benefits that they bring to their members include free tanning and massages which is also available to the free friend that each member gets to bring every single day. Charles and Amber love working out together so they know the important of having a partner to go to the gym with it’s a great way to keep accountability and maturity get to the gyms in Joplin MO. They also offer their members free training, nutrition, and fitness plans to help them lose weight.

They have a special fitness plan called CF – 30 which stands for Colaw Fitness 30 day fitness plan which includes a diet and workout that they guarantee that you will lose between 10 and 30 pounds in the next 30 days of starting this program. All the members have access to this for free each month. In addition all their members have access to all five locations and all locations are open 24 hours, so their members can work out whatever time works best for them. They also love to celebrate their members is why they have member appreciation days each month to celebrate all the members and all the work in progress if they have made. This is also an opportunity for members to win a free year of gym membership if they bring three friends who sign up for gym memberships at Colaw Fitness.

If you’re ready to join Carl and Amber’s team to becoming a better and healthier person, and give us a call today at 417-437-9345 or corner website, Colawfitness.com, to read more about our membership options, benefits, story and results. We had so many people give testimonials on how our Jim has changed their life. Now it is time to change yours.

Gyms in Joplin MO | Do You Want Improvement?


If you’re wanting to improve your health or life in general and are looking for gyms in Joplin MO, give Colaw Fitness a call today. Colaw Fitness is going to be the best gym that you can choose to start your journey in improving your health. Physically, mentally and spiritually. Here at, Colaw Fitness, we offer some the best benefits for the lowest price compared to our competitors. We have two different membership options and are here to encourage you the entire way during your fitness journey.

We had absolutely incredible benefits that include the ability to bring a friend for free every day and then you will get access to tanning and massages. This is to encourage people to have an accountability partner and to give them the relaxation they deserve after a hard workout. Our massage chairs have water jets in them to massage her entire body after her workout, to prevent you from being sore. So the other benefits that we offer free training, nutrition action and fitness plans to help you lose weight, get stronger and stay on track. Would help you in any way we can when the other gyms in Joplin MO.

We do have two different membership options including a five dollar month reward-based option and a $10 month flat rate option. Our five dollar month membership is for base, which means if you come 12 times or more per month, which is three times a week, you only pay five dollars a month if you come 11 times or less per month than you’ll pay $20 a month. This is to incentivize you to work your hardest to become better self. Our $10 month membership is a flat rate which means it doesn’t change the matter how we times you do or do not come to the gym. We what you want to succumb to gyms in Joplin MO. So on her website, Colawfitness.com, to review more about our membership to see which one best suits your needs.

We are here to you on this fitness journey, so make sure you reach out with any questions you have by give us a call at 417-437-9345 or going on her website, Colawfitness.com. We have created a podcast called you can do this to encourage you on pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. This podcast will focus on the importance of staying physically, mentally, and spiritually strong. We know going to the gym and getting healthy is more than physical thing can be mental roadblocks that we would help you get pass so you can be myself.

If you’re ready to take the next step with the risk-free program, give us a call at 417-437-9345 or corner website, Colawfitness.com, to sign up for your worship today. Our team is ready to make you a better you in every aspect of your life. We Really know that we have it all for you because everything you need is going to be taken care of in the highest quality ways. We have the best equipment, the best fitness programs, and the best community that really is going to empower you to reach each and every one of your goals.