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Gyms in Joplin | What to Expect at Colaw Fitness

Article written for Colaw Fitness

What do you usually expect to see, when you and a friend walk into a gym for the first time? Do you expect it to smell dirty with trash lying all over the place with nobody available to help? Are you used to seeing and hearing people slamming weights against the floor and yelling and grunting for no reason? Do you expect to be judged by the other members when you walk into the gym, making you feel uncomfortable? Are you sick and tired of having to always deal with awkward locker room situations when you are at the gym?

If you’re looking for a local gym in Joplin Missouri, then you won’t experience these issues with Colaw fitness. We provide an atmosphere that is uplifting and encouraging no matter who you are or where you’re at in fitness. Our staff will greet you with joy the moment you walk inside. If you’re expecting to walk into a dirty gym then don’t worry, because you won’t find that Colaw Fitness. We maintain our gym 24/7, in an effort to provide you with the cleanest gym that Joplin offers.

If you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind, then we have the perfect benefit for you at Colaw fitness. For your convenience and relaxation, we have massage chairs and televisions for every member and guest to use. The massage chairs have several different settings and speeds to choose from by the use of a handy remote that’s attached. Even if you don’t want to work out, feel free to come in and just set in the massage chairs. Kick your feet up, recline, and fill the stress disappear with our user-friendly massage chairs that are always available.

If you don’t like the massage chairs or just want something different, then we have the perfect solution for you. We offer to amazing hydromassage waterbeds that are both easy and fun to use for you and a guest. You can lay down and simply adjust the speed and other settings with a simple and easy to use touchscreen. Lay down, close your eyes and enjoy the gentle pressure of the water from your neck to your feet for up to 10 minutes. The hydromassage beds are sure to be your favorite stop after a long day or a hard work out.

gyms in joplin

Another great way to relax in our gym in Joplin, is to use our tanning beds or tanning booths. Keep that summer glow, or if you just want to feel the warmth of the tanning bulbs, then check out our selection. Everything in our gym is first come first serve, and with 24 hour access it’s easy to fit in your schedule. Whether you prefer a tanning booth or a tanning bed, our free tanning options are sure to make you happy.

Our tanning area is very simple and easy to use and our staff is happy to walk you through it. You can select your time from 1 to 12 minutes by pressing the stop button, then when you are ready to begin just simply had to start. Our tanning beds will automatically kick on when started, but our booths won’t start until the door is completely shut. We also provide cleaning solution and paper towels in each room for your convenience, after you’re done using the room. Tan with confidence knowing you are at the best gym in Joplin, with the cleanest and most ready tanning area.

And so, for your convenience we also sale tanning goggles, several sample tanning lotions, and full bottles of tanning lotion. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask our front desk staff who are always helpful. To provide you a place to relax and unwind is what we love doing. We believe that of all the gyms in Joplin, we are the best. We strive to prove it every single day. Come by and take advantage of these free benefits for you and a guest today at Colaw fitness center Joplin.

Another great benefit of our gym in Joplin, is that we offer you a free open locker area. You are welcome to bring your own locked from home for your locker, or we have them available for purchase at the front desk. Our lockers are always clean and secure so you can workout, tan, or massage with confidence knowing your items are safe. We have both large and small lockers available for use 24 hours a day and again, they are free of charge. The lockers are located in the back of the gym, conveniently by our restrooms and showers.

Speaking of restrooms and showers, we offer you single use private facilities for your privacy. We don’t want anyone dealing with awkward locker room situations, so our single use restrooms and showers are a member favorite. We have five restrooms located in the back of the facility, and four out of the five at a private shower. Even if you don’t feel like working out, feel free to come and relax in our massage area. Out of all other gyms in Joplin our restrooms and showers are the cleanest.

With Colaw fitness, you can expect the unexpected of all the gyms in Joplin, and don’t forget to bring a guest. We have the friendliest staff, the cleanest facilities, and the most benefits available for free all with you in mind. Not only do we have the most encouraging staff, but our members love to encourage each other too. Don’t expect to just join a gym at Colaw Fitness, expect to join a family who’s always there for you. Our staff is ready and available to answer all of your questions, come by and see us today in Joplin.