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Gyms in OKC |Join the Party at Colaw Fitness

This content was written for Colaw Fitness.

I don’t know of any gyms in OKC that have a party once a month, do you? If you’re looking to join the party you should check out Colaw Fitness. Colaw Fitness has so many amazing benefits including their Member Appreciation Night, great low rates, you can bring a friend for free, take advantage of their CF-30 program, get a free massage, and tan for free. Plus, it’s all inclusive and unlimited. It’s also the cleanest of gyms in OKC. Want to learn more? Give Colaw Fitness at call at 918-331-0404.

First, let’s talk about Member Appreciation Night. On the first Monday of the month Colaw Fitness has a member appreciation night. This is basically like a big party put on by the staff where they serve pizza or ice cream. It’s super fun and if you get three friends to sign up on this night you will receive a free year membership credit. It’s also the perfect opportunity to sign up because they always run a special promotion on that night. Member Appreciation Night runs from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. Don’t’ forget to stop by and join the party at one of the best gyms in OKC.

Next, let’s talk about the great low rates at Colaw Fitness. Colaw Fitness has two great memberships to choose from. First, is there $5 a month reward membership. This membership starts at $20 a month but drops down to $5 a month when you frequent the gym 12 days or more in a month. It has a $1 start payment and a $39 annual price rate guarantee. This guarantees your monthly payment never goes up and it’s billed 30 days from your start payment.

Gyms in OKC

Next, it’s their $20 a month flare rate membership which doesn’t have any stipulation on how often you come to the gym. It has a $39 start payment and that same $39 annual price rate guarantee, but it’s billed 60 days from your start instead of 30 days. Both of these memberships have a 30 day money back guarantee and all Colaw Fitness memberships have a commitment of 12 monthly payments.

Furthermore, all Colaw Fitness memberships include the option to bring a friend for free everyday. Your guest can tan and massage for free as well. Do you know of any other gyms in OKC that are all inclusive and let you bring a friend for free? Bringing a friend for free is great because they can be an encouragement to you in your health journey and you can be an encouragement to them. Bringing you friend to the gym is super easy too. All they have to do is sign a guest waiver at the front desk and show their ID. Once they have had their picture taken they are good to go. Every time you come in with your guest, just let the front desk associate know and they will look them up in the system.

In addition, you can take advantage of the Colaw Fitness CF-30 program. The C-30 program is a diet and workout program that guarantees you can lose up to 10 to 30 pounds of body fat in 30 days. The workout portion of this program outlines workouts for your upper body, lower body, core, and cardio. Paring cardio with strength training is the perfect combination to help you get in the best shape. The nutrition portion of the program outlines what you do and when to eat. It outlines the best veggies to eat, as well as lean meats, and healthy fats. It also includes a sample meal plan to follow. Also It includes a sample meal plan for both men and women. Do you know of any other gyms in OKC that offer a diet and nutrition program?

Moreover, at Colaw Fitness you can tan for free. No need to schedule an appointment at a tanning salon, you can come into Colaw Fitness at any time to tan. You don’t have to try to move your schedule around or rush in to make sure you are there on time. At Colaw Fitness you can tan anytime, night or day. Plus with your $5 a month reward membership you can hit your 12 days, by coming in 12 days to tan.

Not only can you tan for free at Colaw Fitness, but you can massage for free as well. And don’t’ forget you free friend can tan and massage for free too. The massage bays at Colaw Fitness are so great. They have the option of massage chairs or hydro beds. You can grab a massage after your workout or come in on your lunch just relax. If you need some time to yourself no matter what time of day it is you can stop in at Colaw Fitness for a massage.

Lastly, Colaw Fitness is the perfect place to get strong and lean. Colaw Fitness has a variety of weight machines as well as cardio machines. You’ll find treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, stair climbers, and rowers. The cardio machines are super easy to use too. The treadmills are always on so you’ll just need to select your program. When using the ellipticals and bikes you’ll want to start moving first and then the screen comes on and you can choose your program. You’ll also find plenty of matrix machines and weight training equipment, including free weights, medicine balls, and kettlebells. Combining cardio and weight training is the perfect way to get healthy and lean.

In conclusion, you should check out Colaw Fitness and everything it has to offer. They have their member appreciation night on the first Monday of every month. On that night they have special promotion, pizza, and ice cream. Colaw Fitness has great low rates, you can bring a friend for free and take advantage of their CF-30 program. Plus, at Colaw Fitness you can tan and message for free. The gym is also super clean and one of the cleanest gyms in OKC. It’s also the perfect place to get strong and lean. Wanting to learn more about Colaw Fitness, give them a call today at 918-331-0404.